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The best texturising hair sprays for sexy, perfectly tousled waves

If there’s one thing our hair constantly battles here, it’s the humidity.

There’s nothing worse than spending an hour putting together that perfectly piecey model-off-duty look, only to have it surrender to gravity the minute you step out of the room. By nightfall, your hair is a greasy mess begging to be washed again. 

If you’re one of those who want to transcend from looking disheveled into a full-on bombshell, these texturising hair sprays are the easiest and fastest ways to achieving the look. As the Swiss army knife of your haircare arsenal, these multitaskers are an all-in-one solution, doing everything from preserving a blowout and boosting volume, to keeping day-old hair looking and smelling fresh again, especially while you’re out. Besides, nothing says insouciant chic quite like a perfectly tousled bedhead — just ask the Parisians. 

So make some room on your shelves; here are the best texturising hair sprays that will liven up your hair today.


We’ll start the list off with the OG of all texturising sprays. Oribe’s cult-classic spray has become a mainstay in so many celebrity’s repertoire simply because it truly works — on all hair types. The unique combination involves the oil-absorbing benefits of a dry shampoo without the clumpy and gritty side effects, keeping hair softly tousled, voluminous, shiny, and most importantly, powder-free all day.

This winning formula not only created an entirely new category in hair care, but also set a gold standard in achieving that cool “model-off-duty” hair sans the teasing and the mixing of sprays. It’s also safe for coloured or keratin-treated hair, with the brand’s signature scent of watermelon, lychee and edelweiss flower extract to keep you smelling just good as you’ll look.

(Available at Net-a-Porter and select salons in Singapore)

Approx. S$64
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What if you could actually get those post-ocean swim waves without going into the ocean? Created in partnership with R+Co member and celebrity hairstylist Ashley Stretcher, this multi-tasking mist moisturises and protects hair from harmful UV rays while accentuating natural waves for that naturally undone texture that’s so hard to achieve.

Cold-pressed watermelon seed oil also imparts hydration and provides antioxidant protection, while red algae, jackfruit, and turmeric root extracts add shine and vitamins to your locks to keep them healthy throughout the day.

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Jet Atkins knows a thing or two about creating stellar products that even lazy girls can get on board with, and her Dry Texture Foam is one of them. The wheat protein-infused texturising foam provides volume and hair memory like a regular mousse, but also goes the extra mile by giving straight or wavy hair that sexy, mussed-up texture you always wished you woke up with. 

Approx. S$39
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Perfect for refreshing limp locks (especially fine hair), Drybar’s Triple Sec 3-in-1 promises a soft, matte texture for a perfectly tousled look. Crystal clear microporous minerals within help create separation for fuller styles and absorbs oils in the scalp for a non-greasy finish, especially on second-day hair. For added fullness, try using this spray with your head down. Stuck at home with nowhere to go? This spray will transport you to an island getaway immediately with its notes of coconut, amber, and vanilla. 

Approx. S$36
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All the products in the IGK line have been designed to evoke a city. Unsurprisingly, this bombshell-ready spray represents the beach wonderland that is Miami, especially with its ability to conjure that second-day grit and textured separation from the get-go. Yes, even on freshly-washed hair.

Formulated with coconut oil to help strengthen hair and zeolite to add texture and eliminate odours, the spray provides just the right amount of hold so you can incorporate piecey, beach-ready waves into your look without weighing it down. Bonus: it’s UV protectant and smells deliciously of guava, midnight violet, and vanilla.

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Texturising sprays can be tricky for those with fine and curly hair, but this featherlight mist promises enough lift and volume to transform limp locks into a Brigette Bardot-worthy mane. Powered by Living Proof’s patented Volumizing + Texturizing Molecule, which creates big volume by increasing the space between strands, the styler is humidity-resistant and absorbs oil that could weigh your hair down over time, defying that infamous midday deflation.

Approx. S$40
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Getting texture and volume like after a day of sun and surf can be as easy as spritzing this onto damp hair and letting it air dry in a low bun. The formula — created by the Stockholm-based cult hair salon — marries the best of a hairspray and salt water styling spray into one chic bottle, making it extra easier to tousle your hair into that Gisele beachy look, or — if you’re feeling adventurous — a messy up-do. Those with thinner hair will also appreciate that this spray bulks up the volume with a cool, matte finish, so your bedhead won’t turn into a greasy mess by midnight. 

Approx. S$32
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