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These are the Valentine’s Day gifts she actually wants

Ah, Valentine’s Day. The one day a year where the purity of human love becomes commercialised and you must spend money to concretise affection, lest you die alone.

Alright, we’ll cut the dramatics. Valentine’s Day can be a beautiful occasion to celebrate the one (or ones) you love, whether it is via a romantic staycation, an immaculate dinner, a thoughtful gift, or all three. The only pain point about the occasion is the stress of having to shop for a present, and while you might be tempted to give your person a bouquet and call it a day, remember two things: flowers wilt and that price mark-up do not make those blooms live forever, and if you’re going to give a gift, why not make it something to remember.

In this two-part series, we put together a guide to the gifts your partner will actually want come 14 February. This one is for her. And if she doesn’t like anything on the list, well, we tried. Happy Valentine’s Day <3

A gift card of her choice

Whoever believes gift cards are bad presents have clearly gotten it wrong (or received a gift card with too little money in it). Being given free rein to shop at a store of choice is one of the best gifts you can give to someone, so treat her right and ask which store you should give your money to come Valentine’s Day. If you want to keep things hush-hush, Sephora and Net-A-Porter are crowd favourites, but the options are endless. Just be sure to put in an amount that’s three digits and upwards.


Customised fragrances are a great option to gift for Valentine’s Day, but if your perfumery know-how is close to nil, Byredo has the solution. The brand’s Unnamed perfume is designed to appeal to everyone, with notes that one’s olfactory senses pick out based on what they like, randing from floral to woody. Rounding off the nebulous scent is a blank label you can customise and name the with fluorescent letter stickers provided. Name it after something she loves, or even after her, and let the gushing ensue.


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“A reusable cup? Really?” you might groan, but let’s face it, everyone and their dog has one of these (as evinced by social media), so it’s time you give the gift of good conscience via this small plastic-free gesture. Stojo is one of the top brands for reusable cups, and their range of sizes makes them particularly adaptable for all beverage needs. Plus, they come with a straw so you don’t have to splurge on a metal one too.

From US$15 (S$20) for 80z.

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Instead of a bag or a bracelet laden with charms, get her a Rimowa suitcase instead. Not only is it cream of the crop when it comes to luggage, but the brand also has customisable options and letter charms available to personalise said suitcase of choice. Gift her one and write a card with your favourite travel quote in it. Tell her that you want to take the journey of life with her. Follow up with buying a round-trip for two and see her swoon.

From S$940, excluding the charms.

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A couple’s spa package is peak indulgence and Raffles Spa‘s Sweet Romance package is right up that alley. An hour-long massage for two ends with complimentary champagne and chocolates, which is the textbook definition of romance. You can even go the whole nine yards and make a staycation at Raffles Hotel a part of the Valentine’s Day package, but be sure to book that soon.


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