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Korean stars rave about the Cellreturn LED Mask, but does it live up to the hype?

Korea’s boundary-pushing skincare market wears many faces, and of late, the industry has been pursuing skincare devices as the next frontier.

LED masks, in particular, have sparked curiosity across the world as these light-powered devices claim to solve a whole landscape of skincare woes in the comfort of your own home.

These masks are more than just a trend or a novelty, though the surge of skincare brands pushing out their own rendition of an LED mask to market might suggest otherwise. This saturated bubble makes it hard for consumers to sift out the good from the gimmick, but outside of the influx of all the newness is a name in the LED mask business that has proved its chops for over a decade: Cellreturn.

Cellreturn review
The mask. (Photo credit: Cellreturn)

Established in 2008, Cellreturn began with a simple goal that continues today: to help you address your complexion troubles in a smart, effective way, where simple manipulation leads to significant results. If that’s a mouthful, let’s sum it up: pressing a button on a Cellreturn mask is your ticket to better skin.

It sounds too good to be true, but given the legion of celebrity ambassadors that back this mask (Lee Min Ho, Sora Kang, Park Seo Joona and Yeom Jung Ah, if we must namedrop some) and the multiple awards the brand has won, we wanted to see if this light-fuelled device could really give us skin that comes close to a Korean star’s. With that, we used the Cellreturn LED Mask for three weeks to give you our tried-and-true review.

Before we get into whether it really works, let’s get familiar with the technology behind it.


What does the Cellreturn LED Mask do?

Cellreturn has three LED wavelengths programmed into the mask, all of which target something different. The first setting employs red light and near-infrared rays to improve skin elasticity and collagen production, as well as brighten the skin while minimising blemishes. Blue light soothes aggravated skin, and pink light is used to reduce scarring.

If you’re scratching your head wondering why coloured light can work such wonders, it really isn’t magic. Light-based skincare therapy has been studied for decades and is clinically proven to help skin issues. Facial therapists and dermatologists use it to offer a number of benefits to the skin, such as boosting product absorption and circulation. The Cellreturn LED Mask is just a portable at-home container for this technology.

Cellreturn led mask review
Lee Min-Ho (Photo credit: Cellreturn)

How do you use the Cellreturn LED Mask?

It is pretty straightforward. A session typically lasts 20 minutes, be it with red, blue or pink light. All it takes to change the light is with a simple touch of the top of the mask. If you are pressed for time, however, there is a fast mode, where all it takes is nine minutes of your time as the mask cycles through the varying lights for a quick treatment. Use two to three times a week for optimum results.

One key thing to note, however, is that if you have sensitive skin, gradual exposure is advised. Start with five minutes a time every other way, then build up to 10 minutes, and then 15, finally 20. We were told that the mask is like a treadmill — increase the dosage as your skin gets used to it instead of going at full speed from the start.


The Cellreturn LED mask truly excels at diminishing blemishes. Given that prolonged use of surgical masks being the norm these days causes breakouts, just using it over a couple of days made a dramatic difference in terms of blemishes subsiding.

Another thing it does excellently is calm skin redness. Using the blue light mode is a soothing experience overall, and calms down inflammation after two to three uses, even eczema.

Photo credit: Cellreturn

As for anti-ageing, we believe that using it for a month is the minimum you need to gauge its benefits, though the skin does feel plumper after every use, given that it helps boost the absorption of all the skincare products you use beforehand.

The Cellreturn LED Mask does not come cheap — its main unit is priced at S$2184++ — but if you have acne or skin inflammation issues that require intervention, or just want a fast, at-home way to treat your skin without having to rely on the dermatologist or the facial studio every week, this mask is truly a worthwhile investment. Find out more about it here.

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Please check with your dermatologist beforehand if this mask is suitable for you.