We’re all familiar with the classic fragrances for men: Old Spice, Davidoff, and Polo Ralph Lauren. However, the man of today probably doesn’t want to smell like the 20th century… or his dad. To keep up with the times, more brands have launched fragrances for men. Masculine, rugged scents, in particular, are stealing the limelight. Such fragrances typically have notes of wood and spice, while still remaining clean and fresh.

A masculine fragrance will do for you what a three-piece suit will. It immediately adds class and character to your ensemble. The olfactory senses of the people around you will be stimulated even before you reach out your hand to shake theirs. Not to mention, you will immediately command the attention of the room.

To aid you in your journey to becoming the dapper gentleman you so desire, here are 5 of the most masculine fragrances for men to add to your collection.