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The best hair dryers for the perfect blowout at home

If you’ve ever wondered why your blowouts at home don’t look as good as when you first step out of the salon, don’t worry. You’re not the only one.

Yes, professional skills by your hairdresser is important, but you’re probably overlooking one of the most major features to your at-home blowout: the hair dryer.

Contrary to popular belief, hairdryers aren’t just a powerful hand-held fan that conducts room temperature air through its vents to create hot air. Hair dryers and the technologies behind them have seen revolutionary leap in engineering to combat problems of all kinds.

Here, read on for our full list hair dryers that’ll ensure you get the perfect blowout, even at home.

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10 Best hair dryers to try out!

Need we say more? The Dyson Supersonic has been one of the most raved about hairdryers in the last couple of years, and we’re seeing a growing number of hair salons using them to treat our hair as well. We won’t bore you with the details, but all we can say is the stylish device has been engineered to be three times lighter and six times smaller than your average hair dryer, complete with a powerful airflow technology that keeps your locks smooth and shiny with every use.

In other negative ion options, the Xiaomi Hair Dryer does its job pretty well too. When in use, it has a channel output of tens of millions of high-concentration negative ions that aim to maintain moisture and shine and avoid hair and static electricity. At only 450-grams, this lightweight device also has the ability to fold itself in half when not in use, making it great for easy storage and future portable use.

It’s time to get familiar with up-and-coming brands. Shenzhen Ckeyin Technology, better known as CkeyiN, is set to be the newest player in the quality tech product game. The CkeyiN Professional 5000W Hair Dryer, for instance, comes with two speeds and three heat settings, the neat number of controls you’d need to use for your at-home blowouts. Its blue light hydra negative ion function also aims helps to lock in all your precious hair moisture and reduce hair static and frizz, making it one of the better options in humid-heavy Singapore.

German consumer brand Braun doesn’t just produce high-quality shavers to groom your face with — they’ve got hair dryers that’ll really help you complete your look. The Braun Satin Hair 5 Power Dryer is the most powerful dryer in the Power Perfection range, with 2500 watts of power to dry your hair quickly, thoroughly and effectively. It also infuses your hair with millions of active ions to boost shine, beat frizz and combat the static that occurs with conventional dryers.

The nano-technology that the Panasonic Double Mineral Hair Dryer utilises is pretty amazing: it aims to smash the water into nano-size particles so that it can dry your hair and hydrate your hair and scalp at the same time. This revolutionary device also adds more volume to the hair, complete with markedly reduced frizz. The best part? No more hair damage. The Panasonic Double Mineral Hair Dryer makes use of an intelligent sensor that adjusts automatically to prevent the recurrent destruction of your locks caused by the average hairdryer.

A forceful airflow makes the Philips professional 2200W the best hair dryer in Singapore. The drying temperature can be controlled with the ThermoProtect feature which also ensures protections against overheating of hair.

You can effortlessly adjust the speed and heat settings required to give your hair that perfect look. In addition, the unique asymmetrical design that is round to the head makes the hair dryer easier and more intuitive to use.

The Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer and Volumiser is specially designed with a real Ion generator to promote quick drying and create styles and keep you hair bright and shining.

The ceramic layer of the hair dryer prevents hair from over-styling by the equal dispersion of heat, which enters hair quickly and dries out from inside.

The brush is designed for unlocking, better volume, and control with Nylon Pin & Tufted Bristles. Two heat/speed settings and a cool option offer styling flexibility.

The Remington Hydraluxe Pro hair dryer is equipped with a powerful digital motor generating a precise airflow of up to 160 kilometres per hour. In addition, its HYDRAcare Sensor Technology ensures a healthy style experience.

The sensor controls the temperature of the air directed upon your hair by the hair dryer. Thus, it prevents excessive heat build-up.

If the air becomes too hot, the heaters are turned off before the temperature has dropped back to a healthy heat styling.

You get all the necessary elements to create your favourite styles with a slim styling focuser, wide drying concentrator, and diffuser.

The 2100W engine on this professional hair dryer provides far more power than a standard hair dryer, and the body is designed to provide a speedier blow-dry.

Additionally, it is quieter than other high-powered professional standard hair dryers. The ghd air not only dries your hair but also uses innovative Ionics to trap in moisture to make your hair smoother, brighter and more durable, and considerably less crisp.

Variable temperature and power controls, together with the choice of two blowers, will allow you to customize your hair blow-dry, while a cool shot button will assist you with cold air in setting your style.

The ghd air is also a breeze that can be used because of its ergonomic design, making it easy for left or right hand users to hold, and a 3 m long power line, which offers great flexibility while you dry.

MODA ONE’s sophisticated iLoop Smart Sensor Technology continuously monitors hair moisture levels and air temperature.

It automatically changes the temperature and airflow in real-time to avoid causing harm to the hair.

The technique of the Anion concentration releases millions of ions while the hair dries. Anions close your hair shaft, increase your overall brightness, reduce friction and static drying, and make your hair shinier and smoother.

Connect your smartphone directly to the Tineco App to access manual mode and pre-programmed modes that can help you adjust the heat and airflow to meet your styling needs.

How to choose the best hair dryer

A hair dryer is an important tool in a person’s daily grooming regimen. With so many options out there in the market, you should know which one will work the best for your hair. After all, a good hair dryer is essential for quickly styling and drying hair.

Why you must own a good hair dryer

Even though hair dryers are the most basic hairstyling product, they require a good amount of research to determine what type to purchase. Of course, the proper one can help you achieve immaculate hair, but the wrong one can often leave your hair brittle, dry, and damaged.

As a result, when buying a new hairdryer, you should think about variables such as hair texture. In addition, the wattage and technology utilised in a hairdryer determine its efficiency.

Why you shouldn’t be using any random conventional hair dryer

Conventional hair dryers are the most often used because of the low cost. However, the wattage of a traditional hair dryer ranges from 1000 to 2000, and they emit inconsistent hot air.

These dryers aren’t recommended for hair that’s too long, curly, or frizzy. In addition, these hair dryers are not the best choice because their metallic coils don’t last very long.

To get you started, here are a few factors you should check off your list before finalising a hair dryer. So, the next time you step into a store looking for a hair dryer, be sure to be mindful towards these few things:

Types of hair dryers

When looking for a hair dryer, you may hear scientific terms like ionic, nano, ceramic, tourmaline, and titanium.

The terms ionic and nano refer to the recent technologies incorporated in the hair dryers, whereas ceramic, tourmaline, and titanium refer to the substance/ materials present in the hair dryer’s heating coil. Different hair dryers are appropriate for various hair types. However, they differ in terms of features, benefits, and costs.

The amount of hot air released by ionic hair dryers is determined by the material used in the heating coil. These dryers aren’t excellent for style because they have an electromagnetic field built-in. In addition, long-term use of an ionic dryer can be harmful.

Ionic hair dryers are expensive when compared to ceramic hair dryers. This hair dryer has a ceramic coating on the heating coil or has ceramic clay encrusted internal construction. In addition, infrared rays produced by ceramic hair dryers are not hazardous.

Other materials used for coating within hair dryers to boost efficiency include tourmaline and titanium. Unfortunately, the tourmaline gemstone and titanium elements are in high demand. Hence these hair dryers are relatively pricey.

Compared to ionic or ceramic hair dryers, these dryers are much gentler and faster. Hair Dryers made of tourmaline and titanium are 50 times faster than ordinary dryers.

Hair type

  • Thin and flat hair
    If your hair is thin and flat, you should look for dryers that provide volume and substance. Thus a ceramic hairdryer is the best option. These produce less heat and lessen the risk of hair damage in thin hair. Negative ions are also used in these dryers to prevent frizz.
  • Thick hair
    An ionic or tourmaline hair dryer is perfect for dull, thick, and frizzy hair. Tourmaline happens to be a semi-precious metal that provides the powerful ionic activity Thick and Curly Hair beauties can go for ionic hair dryers.
  • Volumnious hair
    Those with thick, voluminous hair should opt for a titanium blow dryer with a consistent temperature and good heating. It tends to produce a lot of heat, which cuts down on your time.

Take into account the wattage

Professional blow dryers can have up to 3600 watts of power, but a dryer for ordinary usage should be between 1300 and 1800 watts. The higher end of the spectrum can be used by individuals with thicker hair, while those with thin hair can use the lower end.

Look for extra attachments

A blow dryer with a variety of attachments add an extra touch to your daily blow out. Some of the accessories you can use to style your hair while drying include concentrator nozzles, hair dryer combs, and diffusers.

For example, a concentrator nozzle helps straighten your strands by directing heat and air to a specific area of your hair.

Look for multiple options in the hair dryer

While it’s preferable to have a simple product, using a blow dryer that comes pre-programmed with precise settings isn’t a bad idea. Temperatures, wattage, airflow, and heat styling should all be checked.

Also, for a more streamlined and clean look, search for a ‘cool shot to damp style hair. The dryer with the most various settings will undoubtedly assist you in achieving beautiful and smooth hair with less effort.

Heat modifications

Heat control settings are used to customize the temperature of your dryer so that you may use it at the desired temperature. Always choose a dryer with different heat settings, such as low, medium, and high, to ensure that your hair receives the proper amount of heat.

A heat adjustment option is vital since using lower heat settings helps prevent hair damage and maintain healthy—temperature control options. Hair Dryers with high wattage provide higher heat temperature and can also burn your hair, as discussed above in the wattage point.

Dimensions and design

The weight of a hairdryer is also a significant factor to consider. Therefore, anyone would appreciate a lightweight model that is easy to grab while shaping their hair.

Hair dryers these days are tiny and foldable, allowing you to carry one in your luggage and use it whenever you want. Simply consider the weight of a hair dryer while making your selection. If it’s too heavy, don’t attempt it; otherwise, you’ll injure your arms.

Even if you’re buying a hair dryer online, pay attention to the specifications. Purchase a reputable brand. A low-cost branded product would be easily attainable, but it would not last long.

Finally, check the reviews of your choice of hair dryer online before purchase

Customer reviews are usually helpful in the age of online shopping. Take 10 minutes to read the particular brand and product reviews before making a final buy, whether online or offline.

For example, if you’re buying a blow dryer online, look into the company’s customer service and response times.


How does a hair blower work?

In essence, traditional hair dryers make use of a simple technology that consists of a heating element ( also known as a resistor), a fan, and a motor. When you turn on the hair drier, electrical energy makes the fan’s motor spin.

Heat is generated as electrical energy passes through the heating element’s grid of wires. The hot air is sent towards the dryer’s nozzle by the fan. But in contrast, today’s modern and technologically advanced hair dryers blow not only hot air but also cool air. They also blow electrically charged ions, infrared rays, and nano electrically charged particles.

Is it true that more expensive hair dryers make a difference?

Hair Dryers that are more expensive are usually lighter, last longer, and dry your hair faster. In addition, higher-quality hair dryers with a more technologically advanced feature provide a far more efficient hair drying experience than less expensive ones that essentially spew out hot hair.

Can drying using a hair blower damage your hair?

Blow drying your hair correctly will not hurt it. Applying heat to dry hair, on the other hand, might result in brittleness, breakage, dullness, and dryness. The key to blow-drying safely is to use the right tools and products at the right time.

When is it appropriate to use a blow dryer?

You should use a blow dryer if you want greater control over your hairstyle and more volume, especially if it’s thinning. Also, if you don’t want to use towels to dry off, you can use a blow dryer.

What is the distinction between a blow dryer and a hair dryer?

The main difference between the two terms, hair dryer and blow dryer, is the location where they are used. Hair dryers are used in practically every country, whereas blow dryers are particularly utilised in America. Hair dryers, often known as blow dryers, are electromechanical devices that produce hot or cold air to swiftly dry hair following a shower.

Is it possible for a hair dryer to make your hair frizzy?

Heat damage can occur when you hold the hair dryer too close to your hair, and damaged hair is generally frizzy. When blow-drying your hair, point the nozzle downwards. The hair cuticles will lay flat instead of curling upwards as a result of the airflow. In addition, it will give your hair a shinier and smoother appearance.

The best hair dryers for the perfect blowout at home

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