The brain works in mysterious ways.

Just as how the sight of your childhood friend can trigger fond memories at the playground, the tiniest waft of the smell of rain has the ability to transport you back to the pebbled streets of gloomy London. If you’ve always wished for a scent that perfectly encapsulated the very essence of your favourite city but can’t travel during this pandemic, Le Labo is making its City Exclusive scents available worldwide but only for the month of September.

Le Labo singapore
Photo credit: Le Labo

The pseudo-vacation doesn’t end there; this year, Le Labo will also release a new exclusive, this time for Seoul or Citron 28. Here, lemon, ginger, and jasmine add zest on cedar and musk — representing Seoul’s dynamism. This latest release joins last year’s two additions: The Miami Tabac 28 which takes on the city’s seductive side with rich notes of tobacco leaves and opulent oud as well as Hong Kong Bigarade 18.

Miami’s Tabac 28. (Image credit: Le Labo)

You’ll be able to get an exclusive whiff with their sample-sized portions in store or online now. Talk about the best vacation ever.

Le Labo is at Takashimaya Shopping Centre, 391 Orchard Road, #B1-31 Singapore 238872, +65 6235 6129.

Shatricia Nair
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