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Let the new Le Labo Thé Matcha 26 bring zen and tranquility to your life

There’s no denying the zen a good cup of matcha can bring. This season, Le Labo bottles the grace and beauty of this superfood beverage to create an all-new fragrance named Thé Matcha 28.

And just in time for fall too. The fragrance by the New York-based perfumer is equal parts relaxing and warm, with deep notes of matcha tea that blends in beautifully with scents of creamy fig, cedar wood, grassy vetiver, and the nuttiness of sesame.

le lebo Thé Matcha 26

The genderless fragrance carries with it a noble stillness and is meant to evoke memories that are close to your heart, whether it’s a reminder of home, a loved one, or even much-needed solitude. Just like how matcha is more than just a drink in Japan, Thé Matcha 26 wants to be more than just a simple olfactory interpretation, but also “a moment of introspection, a moment of self that offers a quiet inner celebration of grace and soulful beauty,” according to the brand.

The Le Labo Thé Matcha 26 fragrance is now available on Le Labo’s website and boutique labs worldwide. 

(All images: Le Labo)

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