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Your guide to buying makeup for men in Singapore

Makeup for men has been a topic skirted around in societies preoccupied with retaining dated masculine “standards”, but thankfully, the tides are turning in the right direction. Men investing attention in good skincare habits and even using makeup on the daily has become normalised, especially with the onslaught of South Korean males proudly publicising their use of cosmetics and the benefits that come along with it. Rounding off the fact that makeup for men is now a thing is the influx of major beauty brands clamouring onto the bandwagon with dedicated collections to help dudes look at the top of their game. 

This attention given to men’s cosmetics is on the rise year after year, with sales in the category projected to total US$1.14 billion in 2019, according to market research from BloombergAsia, naturally, is driving the trend, though the West is also steadily picking up.

If you are someone who is determined to hold on to deriding healthy skin and looking good in favour of the opposite simply because it threatens your “masculinity” (if we could entrench that word in any more derision, we would), then click away, because this is not for you. But if you are keen to embrace venturing into cosmetics or are already knee-deep into the wonders of what eyebrow pencils, BB creams and more can do for your visage, read on for our handy list of brands that carry makeup for men in Singapore.

Tom Ford for Men

Photo credit: Tom Ford

Tom Ford expanded its cosmetic line with a range of skincare and makeup products, each with formulations designed to simply address the grooming needs of the modern man.
The makeup selection is slim enough that it does not overwhelm, encompassing a brow gel; a stick concealer to guise blemishes; a lip balm and a bronzing gel to use on special occasions. You barely even need a manual to figure out how to use these products — being extremely intuitive, Tom Ford for Men offers the perfect gateway for men getting into the bare bones of makeup.
Available at Tom Ford Beauty counters islandwide.

Boy de Chanel

Photo credit: Chanel

Boy de Chanel was launched with the tagline “beauty has no gender”, and we concur. The collection aims to offer men an avenue to better skin, sculpted eyebrows, and softer lips with its three key products. When applied, each simply improves the naked canvas that was already there without being too obvious that the wearer has got face paint on.
Of all the products, the Le Teint Foundation has remained the Boy de Chanel bestseller since its launch, with the ultra-lightweight, mattifying foundation available in eight different shades.
Available at Chanel beauty counters islandwide.


Photo credit: @drjart

Korean skincare brand, Dr.Jart+, is responsible for popularising the BB cream, an easy foundation-type staple that many men rely on. One of their most popular unisex BB creams is the Black Label Beauty Balm, enriched with botanicals that help conceal and counteract acne issues, making this ideal for men with problem skin.
Available in Sephora.

Iope for Men

Photo credit: Iope

Korean brand Iope has built itself on the popularity of its compact BB cushions. Its release of the Men’s Air Cushion is designed to target men who require a mattifying BB cream that also has suncare properties and helps tackle skincare issues. Unsurprisingly, it has risen to become one of Korea’s top-selling products in the category. The only downside is that it is only available in two shades, but if you’re lucky enough to fit one or the other, you can get this cushion online.
Available on Yesstyle.


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