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Oribe’s new Serene Scalp line is the detox you’ll want to start the new year with

Talk about hair health and the first thing that comes to mind is how shiny and smooth your locks should be, but what many don’t realise is that the biggest and best indicator is actually the state of your scalp. 

The theory isn’t too far off from skincare; each hair grows from and through follicles on your scalp, and they each have a sebaceous gland where sebum is produced. When blocked by oil, dandruff, product build-up, or an infection, these follicles impact the quality of hair growth and in extreme cases, cease to produce hair at all. 

Which brings us to Oribe’s latest (and possibly its most important) collection, the Serene Scalp line. The latest to join the luxury haircare brand is greatly inspired by skincare technology, and is a five-product hair regimen that approaches scalp health holistically so you get the best care possible, even at home. 

As we enter party season — which will no doubt be a fantastic excuse to bust out the hairsprays and styling tools once again — here’s why the Oribe Serene Scalp line is your best bet for keeping your tresses beautiful for the new year, even when you feel half dead. 

(Image credit: Evolve Salon)

As with all Oribe products in Singapore, the Serene Scalp line is available for purchase at establishments such as Evolve Salon, where its hairstylists will bring you through the entire process as a pampering — and frankly, ultra timely — treatment after days of intense hairstyling.

The process might be a tad longer than your usual routine, but we promise every step is well worth it. Your journey begins with the Serene Scalp Exfoliating Scrub, a unique formula incorporating both physical and chemical exfoliators to cleanse deep within the roots.

To remove impurities from the get-go, soft polymer beads and a blend of AHAs (think glycolic acid) and fruit extracts exfoliate and purify the scalp without drying or stripping hair of its natural oils. Amidst all this, the scalp is rejuvenated with peppermint oil, caffeine, and even malachite extract — yes, that ancient Egyptian sacred stone — to detoxify and provide environmental pollution protection for the scalp and hair.

The Balancing Shampoo and Conditioner come after. These dermatologist-tested formulas contain ingredients such as salicylic acid and plant extracts to gently remove loose dandruff flakes while energising and moisturising the scalp. The latter will also give damaged and brittle hair a boost of hydration with shea butter and panthenol, while biotin and quinoa help strengthen the cuticle from within to prevent breakage. 

To end, two options are available depending on your hair type. Those with fine or thinning hair will find the Thickening Treatment Spray a lifesaver, mostly because the lightweight treatment lends instant volume by plumping hair at the roots to create denser-looking strands. It’s not all an illusion though, the spray contains Capixyl TM to fortify the scalp to promote fuller, thicker hair, while biotin & niacinamide penetrate and strengthen the cuticle to help restore elasticity to damaged and weakened locks. Simply mist directly onto the scalp in clean, damp hair, and style as usual for maximum volume. 

The Soothing Leave-On Treatment, on the other hand, is for those who don’t need any more volume that they’ve been blessed with, but still want to nourish the scalp post-wash. With cooling mint, calming chamomile, and BHAs, the lightweight leave-on treatment gently exfoliates the scalp to remove loose dandruff flakes with a cool, soothing sensation — perfect for after those highly damaging post-colour or bleaching sessions.

Even if you’re not struggling with scalp health, this nourishing blend of botanicals is the detox you didn’t know your scalp needed. After all, if you were going to step into the new year as a brand new you, you should really be going back to basics, and this line is a good way to start. 


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