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Review: Oribe’s new salon-exclusive treatment will give you stronger, shinier hair in only an hour

There are few things in life that excite me like an Oribe launch. 

This time, the top-of-the-range haircare brand takes its expertise in creating shiny, super soft tresses to the next level with the Oribe Renewal Remedies Treatment Experience, an in-salon treatment that restores the lustre and health back to even the most damaged of hair.

This might be its first salon-exclusive treatment but the brand is already well-versed in creating products that effectively target hair problems that range from dry and untameable locks, to irritated and itchy scalp. 


Unlike most Asian hair treatments today, the custom-blended treatment addresses individual hair needs instead of being a one-size-fits-all solution, making it the perfect solution whether you want to add shine, smoothness, strength, or prolong colour retention in your hair.

Busy individuals who don’t have the whole day to spend at salons will also appreciate that this five-step treatment only takes an hour. The process begins with a consultation with your stylist to understand your hair type, concerns, and needs. A mix is then specially created on the spot, and this is where it gets interesting. 

The Foundations are the backbone of Oribe’s Renewal Remedies treatment and are available in two versions depending on your hair type: fine to medium or medium to coarse. Defining the base into these two categories enables the end formula to be absorbed into your hair as effectively as possible. Whichever your hair type, the Foundation is chockfull of ingredients that are a dream for distressed hair. 

We’re talking about creatine to repair and protect cuticles, and Bio-synergy — a restorative sugar-protein complex that fortifies and restores damaged locks. There’s also the brand’s Hair Radiance Complex to reduce signs of ageing and restore shine, as well as the Polymetric UV Filter to protect against colour fading and damage caused by the sun.


The base is then met by what the brand calls ‘Amplifiers’. These treatment superchargers are added in precise portions depending on what your hair needs the most, whether it’s strength, smoothness, or colour retention. Because my hair needed help with the last two, these Amplifiers were added to the foundation and shaken before being meticulously applied in sections after a thorough hair wash by the stylists at Identity Hairworks. 

The Smoothing Amplifier’s Marine Complex infuses reparative nutrients and hydration while reducing frizz for enhanced smoothness, while the Colour Retention Amplifier has Colour-Lock Technology and Luminosity-Enhancing Antioxidant to ensure that dyed locks keep their vibrancy and shine for longer. 

If you had brittle hair — as you would if you bleach it regularly — the Strengthening Amplifier works to strengthen hair structure from the inside out with a fortifying complex and 12 amino acids. 

Because of its efficacy, the treatment only needs to sit for 10 minutes before being rinsed out. To supplement the Oribe Renewal Remedies Treatment, your hair stylists will apply a leave-on treatment and finish your blowout with Oribe’s prep products like the famous Gold Lust Balm D’Or or Gold Lust Power Drops.

As far as hair treatments go, this one has our vote for being fuss-free, efficient, and immensely effective. Besides making it manageable for the first time in a long time, the Renewal Remedies Treatment also put shine and softness back into my lacklustre hair.

Even if you’re fresh from a colouring session, this treatment — unlike many others — won’t wash the pigments out, which means that you’ll walk away with brighter, more vibrant hair colour by the end of your session. If your tresses needed a little pick-me-up during these stressful times, this number by Oribe really is your best bet. 

Hit up the brand’s salon locator here to find an Oribe salon near you.

Shatricia Nair
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