Singapore’s hypercompetitive food and beverage scene is not the most welcoming of places for entrepreneurs. To conquer it successfully, as Ryan Pang has done, takes a fair amount of acumen and grit, as well as a confidence that makes him define the BOSS Bottled Man of Today.

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Pang runs Habitat Coffee, a bistro famous for its dedication to brews. On top of being a stalwart of our city’s café landscape, Pang is also a devoted husband and a father of two. These two major roles are a balancing act he must perform every day. His ability to juggle both successfully, while never forsaking his passion and drive, makes Pang a relatable example of what being a Man of Today entails.

Take cues from our conversation with Pang and learn his secrets about how he succeeds as a man of many roles and pursuits.

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Photo credit: Ryan Pang

Lifestyle Asia (LSA): What led you to start Habitat Coffee?

Ryan Pang (RP): I fell in love with coffee-making and wanted to share that passion with people by making them a good cup of coffee every time. So, I established my own café.

LSA: How did your life change once you became a father? Tell us about some of the lessons that fatherhood has taught you thus far.

RP: It was a paradigm shift. Values changed, goals changed. Even down to the colours I pick for things has changed. Fatherhood thought me to have more foresight, to plan ahead and to show even more compassion despite mistakes. Also, never judge easily.

LSA: How do you find the balance between work and fatherhood especially since you have a demanding job?

RP: It’s prioritizing mostly, and sharing the load with family members. The job will always be demanding and requires more time. How I divide my time for my family is a choice as well. Family comes first, in my books.

“I think Boss Bottled is the best for me because it is distinctive and well balanced. It is a fragrance that reflects me and my values.”
Ryan Pang, owner of Habitat Coffee

LSA: Are there any principles in life that you live by?

RP: Stay humble, be kind and practice mindfulness no matter where you are. Because you never know what tomorrow will bring.

LSA: How do you think you embody the Man of Today?

RP: Centering yourself in an ever-pressurising society is essential for the Man of Today. I often go to cafes to unwind and listen to music to disconnect from the world and recharge. Working out often keeps my mind in check and also finding time to get out to surround myself with nature really helps make me a better man for my family and business.

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Photo credit: Telescope/Lifestyle Asia

LSA: Out of the BOSS Bottled scents, which do you think best defines you and why?

RP: I think Boss Bottled Classic is the best for me because it is distinctive and well balanced. It is a fragrance that reflects me and my values of how I strive to define my best self by centring myself before I handle the roles I deal with every day.

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