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4 simple tips to nail grooming your eyebrows at home

Access to grooming services is a distant memory, especially when it comes to eyebrow maintenance.

As we ride out COVID-19, the closure of grooming studios islandwide means most of us have had to let our facial hairs grow with abandon. What looks back at us in the mirror now is a foreign sight given that we’re all so accustomed to having our brows tweezed, threaded and waxed into submission.

While some of us are digging this new life of extra-low maintenance, others are mourning the current long-distance relationship with their brow therapist and struggling to figure out a way to keep this newfound growth spurt in check.

how to groom your own eyebrows
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With that, learning how to groom your own eyebrows is essential. Don’t let your memories of early ’00s pencil-thin brows stop you from picking up this new skill, one that is also easier than you think. As we too have had to navigate DIY eyebrow grooming, we’ve picked up some tricks to make the process foolproof that we’d like to share.

The first step is the courage to sit before the mirror with your tweezers in hand, and the rest will follow naturally. Here is a quick rundown on how to groom your own eyebrows.

1. Choose your method

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The two most accessible eyebrow grooming tools to get at-home maintenance done are tweezers or wax. The former is best for novices as it gives you more control, while the latter is faster, but has a higher risk of things going awry if you’re not as experienced. Choose wisely.

2. Fill your brows to their desired shape

how to groom your own eyebrows
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Pretend you have somewhere to go and fill your brows in to achieve the desired look and shape you are accustomed to. Whatever remains outside of these boundaries are the hairs you want to axe. Pay attention to the hairs that grow on the browbone, in between your brows, on your eyelids and your temples too, as you want to take those off when you start grooming.

3. Restrain yourself

how to groom your eyebrows at home
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It can be tempted to go all and exterminate every last hair that seems to stand in your way once you get the hang of plucking or waxing, but be conservative and hold yourself back. We cannot stress this enough. Remember that you are not a professional and looking like the beauty pages of a teenage magazine from 2001 is not the end goal. Also, don’t get it into your head that this is the perfect time to dramatically try out new eyebrow shapes because nothing is going to feel worse than looking in the mirror and reckoning with your tomfoolery every single day after.

4. Remove in the direction your hair grows

Make sure that you pluck or wax in the direction of hair growth, rather than against. The latter tends to agitate and inflame the blood vessel attached to every hair, causing potential aggravation. You want to gently tug the skin around your eye area taut and remove the hairs towards your temples, not straight out in front of your face.

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