It’s a virtue to be versatile in this day and age.

Flexibility in our approach to life is always demanded, and the need for versatility is no longer limited to our character, but we require the quality of the products we use too.

When it comes to men’s grooming, a multi-tasking product is essential, because, let’s face it, grooming is not every man’s thing. Of course, men know why grooming matters and how to do so, but not every dude is sold on spending more than ten minutes preening. Believe us, we’ve tried to convince them.

In the interest of streamlining the time spent grooming daily, here are some of our picks of the best versatile grooming products every man needs.

BOSS Bottled

A versatile fragrance is one that you can wear to any occasion, from a day at the beach to a black-tie event, and never smell out of place. BOSS Bottled is exactly that, given that it was composed to be a quintessential, distinctive masculine scent with a balance of wood, citrus and other aromatics. It’s such a classic fragrance for a reason, beloved by celebrities, CEOs, and now, you too.


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Philosophy Purity Made Simple 3-in-1 Facial Cleanser

This bestselling Philosophy face wash is a serious multitasker that helps to cleanse, tone and lightly hydrate the skin. This balancing, gentle cleanser is ideal for all skin types, atop having deep pore-cleansing and toning properties so you can cut down on the products you use to compensate after washing your face.


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Philsophy Made Simple Ultra-Light Moisturizer

You don’t need a moisturiser for both day and night to keep your skin happy if you have one like this Purity lotion in your arsenal. This all-day moisturiser promises lasting hydration, so your daily skincare routine can just be a single, multi-tasking cream and you’re good to go. It also suits all skin types, with soothing ingredients to manage inflammation where necessary.


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Christophe Robin Boar Bristle Detangling Hairbrush

Haircare is imperative for a man, especially when hair loss is a serious threat. A good hairbrush with natural bristles can do wonders to stimulate blood flow to the scalp, which can help mitigate the severity of hair loss in the long run. One like this Christophe Robin brush also helps detangle your main, doubling up as a bathroom essential for guys with longer hair.


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Beardbrand Spiced Citrus Styling Balm

Having a beard requires an added step to your grooming routine, given that the hair on your face requires similar care to the one on your head. Thankfully, multitasking products exist to condense the clutter in your bathroom or grooming station, and we’re big fans of styling balms that nourish both the heard and your mane. Beardbrand has a number of these in their arsenal, all fortified with aromatics so you look good and smell good.


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