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The eyebrows frame the face, making them an essential part of any makeup routine. Many of us begin makeup application by tackling the brows before all else, but let’s be honest, most of us wish we could shave off a step or two especially on those hectic mornings where you’ve woken up past the alarm. Thankfully, semi-permanent beauty services exist. Eyebrow embroidery has become particularly popular in recent times, giving sparse brows a new lease of life through a relatively painless procedure that lasts upwards of a year.

Eyebrow embroidery involves having semi-permanent pigment bladed into the skin, letting these pigments imitate the density and growth of your natural hair. Think of it as an upgraded version of eyebrow tattoos, where you leave the chair having full, flattering eyebrows sans the pain, rather than a pair that look straight out of a Chinese opera skit.

The procedure is quite an investment, and the jargon that comes with choosing what kind of embroidery, as well as where to get it done can be overwhelming for some. With that in mind, we’ve whittled down a handful of the best eyebrow embroidery studios in Singapore for you to take your pick from.

Erabelle Prestige

Erabelle Prestige specialises in using organic pigments to shade your brows to create a flattering, soft finish on your brows so they look shaped, but not unnatural. All the brow beauticians have been trained for a year or more, so rest assured you’re in great hands when you opt to get your embroidery done there. For those who’ve never had the procedure done before, choose the Erabrowlogy package, priced at S$1,314 for four 90-minute sessions, specifically designed for those new to embroidery.

Bellus de Charme

Bellus de Charme is a hot favourite with the beauty influencer army in Singapore, and for good reason. The full-fledged beauty services suite does everything from your nails, brows to lashes, but since we’re focused on eyebrows, visit Bellus de Charme if shaping is what you need. Their HD Brow Embroidery service is the most cost-effective we’ve seen at S$388 per session and helps create bolder brows that best suit your face shape — particularly useful if you have thinner eyebrows.

A2I Makeup

A2I Makeup offers two types of eyebrow embroidery services, depending on which suits your needs best. If you’d like to have gradient brows that the Instagram crowd so loves, then try their Brow Recovery service, priced at S$680 per session, which gives you a makeup-ready pair with the use of a powder-based pigment. The second option, Brow Revitalization, priced at S$880 per session, employs microblading to give you full brows that lean towards a more natural look. Take your pick.

Prestige Eyebrow & Lash Specialist

Eyebrow embroidery is not a strictly female persuasion. If you’re a man looking to give yours a new lease of life, give Prestige a shot. The specialist studio has been patronised by the likes of celebrity Lawrence Wong, Zhang Yao Dong and more if you need proof of its cred. Their eyebrow embroidery for men uses microblading to give bolder brows that flatter your features, and can even conceal scars that might hinder hair growth in the area. Prices range between S$988 to S$1,288 for five sessions.


With the most outlets dotted around the island, even the world, Browhaus is definitely one of the most convenient and comprehensive places to enhance your eyebrows. Their patented embroidery treatment, Brow Ressurection, carefully creates realistic strokes to make it seem as if you were born with those eyebrows, so for fans of an all-natural look, this is definitely the studio to visit. Prices range between s$1,200 to s$2,000, depending on the style you choose.

Beatrice Bowers
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