Eyelash extensions are complicated. Once you get started, you’ll never want to go back to your normal lash length. With that attachment, though, comes a slew of complications that social media makes all too apparent for us with numerous horror stories about eye infections, lashes falling off, and beyond.

It’s redundant to point out that the negative aspects associated with eyelash extensions are the result of improper practices. When done well by reputable professionals, semi-permanent faux lashes can completely transform your appearance and be a very comfortable experience on the whole. If you have sensitive eyes, there are salons that use fume-free adhesives or provide patch test services before the actual procedure to ensure that you’ll not have a bad reaction.

Eyelash extensions, with proper care, can last for about a month. For those who want to give this a try, here are the best places around Singapore to get them.


Milly’s is a beauty destination that covers everything from embroidery to manicures, but its eyelash extension services are the top reason people keep coming back. The lashes are available in a variety of lengths, thickness and styles, from glam to natural. Each eyelash is made from single-fibre polyester thread, and they’re extremely comfortable to have on.

Milly’s, 3 Temasek Boulevard, #03-324/325, Singapore 038983, +65 6238 6216

Qween Lashes

This premium eyebrow, eyelash and body hair maintenance boutique is renowned for its lash extensions. All the products are imported from Europe, and its technicians are trained there, or are of European-standard. Qween is renowned for its Russian lash options, which do not skimp on the drama.

Qween, Level 4, Tangs Plaza, 310 Orchard Rd, Singapore 238864, +65 6737 5500


If variety is what you want, then Carragheen is where you ought to be. There are 10 different colours, multiple styles to choose from, 3D lashes, and even a 6D option, which entails 720 single eyelashes across both your eyes. The salon uses LashMagic extensions — an in-house brand developed in Japan and Korea under strict standards.

Carragheen, 12A Liang Seah St, Singapore 189033, +65 6222 3376

KJ Studio

Established by beauty expert, Jeane Okajima, KJ Studio is at the frontier of lash extension services in Singapore. It’s got single lash extensions, colour gradation, and a volume-enhancement service to give you the peepers you so desire.

KJ Studio, 43A Keong Saik Rd Singapore 089147, +65 6221 6209


Highbrow offers straightforward eyelash extension services without compromising on service or quality. Choose from natural, dramatic, or full lashes and build upon your choice by opting for tint, curl and more. Each of its services is tailored to a particular type of Asian eye shape, like the Sexy Lash extensions, which are curly, dramatic eyelashes best suited to those with single eyelids.

Highbrow, Star Vista, 1 Vista Exchange Green, B1-25, Singapore 138617, +65 6694 2777


Dr Lash’s menu of “Lashcraft” services is organised according to an array of eyelash lifts and extension styles to pick from. There is the Au Naturel for slight enhancements or the Kim Kardashian-style for extra oomph. For the adventurous, the salon also does coloured or bedazzled eyelashes with Swarovski crystals.

Dr. Lash Orchard Central, 181 Orchard Rd, #04-20/21 Orchard Central, Singapore 238896, +65 6634 0318

Kira Me

Located in both 313 Somerset and Bali Lane, Kira Me is a Japanese inspired premium lash studio. Kira Me exclusively uses products from Japan and Korea, ensuring top quality with all their eyelash services. It also offers eyelash regrowth services to strengthen and boost lash growth.

Kira Me Singapore, 313@Somerset B3-07, Singapore 238895, +65 8869 0236

Limmy's Nail and Beauty Lounge

At this one-stop beauty salon, eyelash extensions are definitely a forte. With a choice of either diamond lash extensions or mink lash extensions, it’s menu extends from single strands to volume clusters. If you’re not up for the full transformation, opt for their collagen eyelash lift to nourish and curl your lashes.

Limmy’s Nail and Beauty Lounge, 88 Rangoon Rd, #01-05, Singapore 218374, +65 8112 0232

Blink Bar Lash Parlour

Tucked away along Holland Village, Blink Bar is one of the newer eyelash salons to hit Singapore. Blink Bar recommends its signature eyelash style in 2D Airy Fairy for a natural-looking yet voluminous set of eyelashes. Blink Bar opens every day so you don’t have to fret over booking an appointment with them.

Blink Bar, 271 Holland Ave, Singapore 278991, +65 8755 2610

The Lash Chapter

The Lash Chapter specialises in eyelash extensions. It is the only salon in Singapore that the keratin-based Yumi Lash Lift technology from France, which claims to be the world’s best eyelash lifting formulation there is.

The Lash Chapter, 9 King Albert Park, #01-46 KAP Mall, Singapore 598332, +65 9785 7022