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Brand edit: 5 best Pyunkang Yul products you need

Pyunkang Yul is one of those skincare brands that just lends itself naturally to being Instagrammed. These royal blue, apothecary-style bottles have popped up on countless feeds, marking its minimalistic appeal as one of the main reasons for the brand’s cult status.

This pared-down approach is also applied to the way each Pyunkang Yul product is made. The brand is a sub-company of the Pyunkang Oriental Medicine Clinic, a renowned institution in Seoul that focuses on using traditional Korean ingredients, also known as hanbang. We’re definitely right on board with the benefits of hanbang skincare, but Pyunkang Yul takes it a step further by eliminating all the frills and fillers one typically finds on an ingredient list. This means no scents, to textural enhancers, and your sensitive skin’s dream come true.

The culling doesn’t stop there. Every product has an extremely straightforward name, as if the makers shrugged off marketing jargon entirely. “Let’s call this shampoo a shampoo, and that oil an oil,” they might have said. And so, you have it.

Hydration is also the brand’s main focus. No matter your complexion type, it has formulated something to keep your skin at peak condition.

For anyone keen to try out Pyunkang Yul, here are 5 of its most noteworthy products to splurge on.

1 /5

Essence Toner

This hydrating toner is the product that gained Pyunkang Yul some recognition. Made with 91.3 percent milkvecht root extract instead of water, this ultra-nourishing toner absorbs quickly into the skin. Whether you use it for the 7-skin method, or just as a step after cleansing, you’ll definitely notice an increase in your skin’s plumpness. The essence toner is also rich in antioxidants and has anti-inflammatory properties.

S$23, Hermo

2 /5

Pyunkang Yul Moisture Ampoule

If you’ve got dehydrated, problematic skin, then give this ampoule a try. Formulated with only six ingredients, its main intention is to fortify your skin’s barrier, hydrate and bring a subtle glow. The main component to this ampoule is japonica root extract — a knotweed that has long been used to treat skin inflammations in traditional medicine. It has a slightly thick consistency like honey, which makes it better suited for night use.

S$30, Hermo

3 /5


Pyunkang Yul’s succinctly named Oil is a blend of seven naturally derived plant-based oils. These include jojoba seed, geranium, rosemary leaf, as well as shea butter for intense hydration. The oil also has humectant properties, preventing moisture loss from your skin’s surface throughout the day. Despite being a facial oil, it absorbs fast enough so as to not create any discomfort.

S$39, Hermo

4 /5

Nutrition Cream

Those with ageing, rough, or dull skin can turn to this cream for help. Its primary ingredient is astragalus root extract, best known for its moisturising properties, as well as its ability to calm down skin agitations like rosacea or acne. Beeswax, shea butter and macadamia seed oil are also included in the mix, making this a massive dose of much-needed rescue for parched complexions.

S$43, Hermo

5 /5


Pyunkang Yul has also ventured into hair and bodycare products. Its shampoo deserves much more hype for how thoroughly it cleanses the scalp, even with just 18 ingredients. The star here is siler root extract, which helps reduce hair damage and scalp issues. Though the shampoo has a watery texture, it lathers well to really rid your hair follicles of all grime.

S$57, Yesstyle

Brand edit: 5 best Pyunkang Yul products you need

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