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Celebrity coiffures: 5 trendiest lob and bob haircuts

The hair trends of 2016 were a wild ride. We went from ombré-blue denim hair, to stark white platinum locks, rose gold mops, and the galaxy hair bandwagon that’s still going strong. While we’ve singled out colour crazes, there’s been a particular chop gaining momentum since the beginning of fall — lob and bob haircuts.

Though the year has been all about seeking inspiration from style trends past, rest assured the current bob haircut trend isn’t a resurgence of the asymmetrical bob popularised by Victoria Beckham (now turned signature hairstyle of demanding aunties who won’t quit). These lob and bob hairdos are all about softer lines, sleekness and loose curls.

Those looking to make a dramatic hair change, or sitting on the fence about it should consider the lob and bob haircuts as it isn’t just one-shear-fits-all, but with a myriad of differing styles and textures to explore and take a gamble with. Here are some celebrities who rock the ‘do for added inspiration.

Rosie Huntington-Whitley

Those who fancy an edgier long bob can take cues from Huntington-Whitley’s textured mop. The layers give it volume even without styling product, and all you really need is a quick tousle and side-sweep to achieve edgy-chic perfection.

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Think of this as your primary school haircut grown up. Rihanna’s classic, shiny bob with naturally flared edges is a low-maintenance option for those with tame hair. All you really need is a hint of hair oil to make your hair look commercial-worthy, and perhaps a quick run with the straightening iron on a bad day.

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Jennifer Lopez

Lopez’s pin curl bob might not be the most practical hairstyle for everyday wear, unless you’re getting a perm or have naturally tight curls. It does, however, show the versatility of a short bob cut, and is an on point example of how one can dress it up for a glamorous occasion.

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Emilia Clarke

Clarke’s lob cut is probably the go-to for those with long fringes. It’s a soft, textured hairstyle that requires little product to maintain. A hint of loose curl here and there also prevents it from looking too mumsy.

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Kerry Washington

Ladies with higher foreheads might find the no-fringe bob a turn off, but do it like Washington and get a choppy, long fringe just past your eyebrows to keep your face balanced. The use of beachy waves in this cut also keeps it casual instead of coming across too severe.

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