Snoozing the alarm for five more minutes or heading straight to bed after a long day sounds far better than fiddling about with more beauty products than absolutely necessary. As it is, there are enough steps to follow in a make up routine and cleansing ritual without bringing hair into the equation as well. And why would we want to add yet another item to the bathroom clutter?

In Singapore’s heat and humidity, hair oils are actually fantastic for protecting your mane. Although it may seem counterintuitive to use them when the aim is usually to get rid of grease, the best products don’t leave any slimy residue. They also work magic in repairing locks damaged by colour treatment, and help with styling tresses for a perfect do.

Fortunately, hair oils are aplenty and easily available around our city, especially now that Sephora have opened their sparkling new store in the Ion basement. Featuring two new exclusive brands, Cover FX and Zoeva, as well as the world’s first Kat Von D beauty store, they’ll have you spoilt for choice for every skincare, haircare and makeup need.

Read on for our 7 hair oil recommendations — we’ve made it a breeze for you to pop by the store and grab the perfect one.

Sephora, Ion Orchard, 2 Orchard Turn, #B2-09-15, Singapore 238801, +65 6509 8255,