Argan oil is best known for its hair rescuing properties. The Moroccan emollient has also found its way into a number of makeup products, especially those that promise to hydrate with use. But argan oil, in its pure, cold-pressed form, is also a fantastic, nourishing lotion for your skin.

Argan oil is produced through the grinding of the kernels from the argan fruit. This labour intensive process involves removing the pulp, then cracking open the nut to press the kernels in order to extract the oil. This act is commonly done by Berber women from North Africa, as attempts to mechanise the task of obtaining the argan kernels have failed.

We’ve been conditioned to think that oils are comedogenic, and that people who suffer from acne should keep their distance from facial oils at all costs, but it’s just not the case for argan. Many skincare companies have embraced its benefits, selling vials of argan oil you can integrate into your skincare routine. All it takes is one or two drops, applied with or in place of your moisturiser. Warm it in your palms before patting onto the skin, and you’re all set. If used in such a manner, you get to avoid any uncomfortable greasiness. It can even be used as a body lotion, but you’d require a fair amount, and it’s not the cheapest.

Here are the benefits of using the oil on your skin.