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Beauty bandwagon: Where to get your metallic lipstick fix

If you’ve been making your rounds through the digital beauty circuit, you’ve noticed metallic lipsticks undergoing a renaissance. Online makeup brands like Colourpop, Kylie Cosmetics and more were the vanguard of the trend, which has since proved to be less than fleeting.

As metallic lipsticks attain an abiding place in many cosmetic label’s lipstick repertoires, here are five brands that can satiate your thirst for all that is shiny and chrome.

Jouer Cosmetics

The Jouer Long-wear Lip Crème Liquid Lipsticks have a comfortable, whipped consistency that makes this liquid lipstick more forgiving than most. The metallic offerings in the range are some of the most wearable colours on the market, with a sheen that looks like you lightly dusted highlighter on your pout instead of having eaten the Tin Man.

Featured: Bronze Rose ($25). Shop it at www.jouercosmetics.com

Urban Decay

The Urban Decay Vice Lipstick Vault offers lipsticks in the “metallized” finish, in a pigment rich, creamy formulation made with nourishing oils that fans of stick lippies can turn to. Colours like Conspiracy kill two birds with one trendy stone — you get a warm brown hue with coppery pearls that make your lips look bronze when under light.

Featured: Conspiracy ($29). Shop it at Sephora.  

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics

The OCC Lip Tars are ridiculously pigmented. If you want runway-worthy gold lips, this is the brand to go to. It also plumps up your lips significantly thanks to the intense reflectivity of the pearls. One coat dries it to a crème finish, though you can easily build it up if you desire a glossier effect. As all good things necessitate a trade off, the Lip Tars aren’t the most hydrating formulas, so exfoliating your lips is a must with these.

Featured: Hollywood ($22). Shop it at www.occmakeup.com.

Kat Von D

For those who fancy sheerer lipsticks that don’t skimp on the metal factor, check out Kat Von D’s Studded Lipstick range. The stiff formulation allows for buildability, and the lipsticks are admirably long-lasting. The Studded Kiss range realises on a high glitter concentration for its metallic effect, making them perfect for festive occasions.

Featured: Adora ($32). Shop it at Sephora

Ofra Cosmetics

Known for one of the most hydrating liquid lipstick formulas around, Ofra’s metallic range is a must-try for those with dry lips. The label has also created duochrome metallic lipsticks — perfect for adventurous but indecisive makeup lovers who can now get two shifts in one lipstick. Despite the promise to dry matte, the Ofra Long Lasting Liquid Lipsticks do transfer, but mildly.

Featured: Emerald City ($28). Shop it at www.ofracosmetics.com.

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