Fenty Beauty’s arrival to the makeup industry was not a delicate one, and no one expected it to be. With an inclusive array of 40 different shades in varying undertones to her Fenty Beauty foundation arsenal, Rihanna stepped into an industry that, for many decades, has slighted the interests of People of Colour (PoC). It has never been said outright, but the adage ‘fairer is better’ has always left those with complexions darker than latte little recourse for foundation collections that even had products to match their skin tone.

Fenty Beauty became globally applauded for its inclusivity. As stars like Gabourey Sidibe, Daniel Kaluuya, and Chanel Iman have come forward to voice support for the brand, the makeup industry has stepped up its game to compensate for the lack it propagated, by expanding its foundation shade ranges.

Beauty is for everybody, therefore no one should be denied access to avenues that enhance that beauty. Brands with wide foundation shade ranges should not be an exception, but a norm. While the makeup industry still has miles to go, fortunately, there are a number of brands that stand true to the banner of inclusivity by providing more than three foundation hues that are some notches up from ivory.

Here is a handful of makeup brands available in Singapore that advocate the reality that one’s “normal” skin tone is not beige, has never been, and are willing to disprove that false ideal.