Among all the products on your vanity table, mascara perhaps ranks at the top of your essentials. It has a place in a full spectrum of makeup looks, from a day out in “no-makeup” makeup, to a full glam face.  Even if you’re a beginner, mascara is at the forefront of products you should experiment with to see just how a small amount of makeup can alter your appearance.

The thing with mascara is that there are so many products on the market, with each catering to specific needs. What someone may recommend as their holy grail may not cut it for your lashes, or certain preferences. And let’s be real, clumpy mascaras are a taste some of us never acquire.

Even with such streamlined needs, there are some lash enhancers on the market that are a cut above. If you’re trying to figure out a fresh tube to buy, here are the best mascaras on the market for a range of needs, whether lengthening, defining, or more.