No matter how extensive or quick and easy your skincare routine is, it isn’t complete without some form of exfoliation. In an earlier article, we explored chemical exfoliation, and how it helps clear out your pores, but the benefits of regular exfoliating go beyond that.

Exfoliation helps slough off the dead skin layer at the top of your dermis, renewing your skin and alleviating dullness. It boost circulation, cleans out the gunk, and helps your complexion look healthy. If you’ve already introduced a facial exfoliant into your routine, whether physical or chemical, it’s time to move on to body exfoliators.

While the skin on your face and your body may differ, your body does accumulate the same, if not more dead skin. It doesn’t take getting to lizard level to realise that. Introducing a body exfoliator into your bath time each week is a therapeutic way to get your skin feeling baby smooth, while getting rid of itchy razor bumps or the potential for ingrown hairs after a shave.

We’ve curated a list of the 5 best body exfoliators to get you started.

(Featured image credit: Mandy T)