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Bro code: 7 celebrity hairstyles to inspire your next cut

Ask a man to drastically change his hairstyle, and chances are you’ll meet with vehement rejection. It’s tricky business. You find something that works with your head shape, flatters your face, and doesn’t take too much time to assemble, so why change?

Then again, you might get the hankering to change up your look. The easiest way to go about that is by looking to celebrity hairstyles and trends to work out your new direction. For 2017, the quiff still remains a staple, but this time, we get softer, less sculpted renditions. Also, military-style haircuts are back in session, especially those that showcase more severe lines a la Tom Hardy in Lawless, and Idris Elba’s boxy buzz cut.

Fringe has been absent from the men’s hair scene over the past year, but man bangs are also back. You might be rolling your eyes, and chucking that in same mental category as rompers for men, but Irish actor Domhnall Gleeson shows that man bangs aren’t that horrendous. Tread carefully, though.

Here are some of our favourite celebrity hairstyles to take to the barber.

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Chris Pratt can do no wrong at this point. Those with curly, soft hair who want to keep it neat can take a page out of Pratt’s book and get their ‘do chopped close at the sides, and long on top. Tousle with a bit of sea salt texturising spray, or let your natural curls do the work.

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Nick Carter-style centre parts have been a big thing amongst the Korean male celebrity crowd, but Nam Joo Hyuk (or his stylist) has put a twist on the trendy cut. Instead of a severe part, this style follows one’s natural parting, and lets wavy bangs frame the face. To avoid shagginess, the back is kept short and shaved.

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If you want to work a buzz cut, do it like Idris Elba. Close cropped, with a severe straight crown to show you mean business.

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Tom Hardy’s hair in Lawless is everything you want if you’re trying to pull off a vintage shear. The sides are shaved, but not buzzed all the way up like an undercut, and the fringe is cut short. Keep it in place with a slick of pomade.

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Severe undercuts ought to retire, but if you can’t let go, something like this ‘do might be for you. David Beckham’s hairdo here is the perfect medley between a grown out undercut that isn’t all over the place. His fringe is still neatly slicked back, but the sides have some volume.

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Man bangs are contentious. Some people just look better with fringes, so there has to be some allowance. Do it like Jared Leto, and it’s going too far, but work it like Domhnall Gleeson, where there’s some layering for volume, and you’ve got yourself a winner.

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If you’ve got a widow’s peak, make it like Chris Hemsworth and try out a short, brushed up fringe instead of hiding the parting. Hemsworth’s all-American schoolboy cut is a classic to go for if you’ve got a receding hairline as well.

Bro code: 7 celebrity hairstyles to inspire your next cut

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