Korean skincare brand, Huxley, has surged in social media presence ever since e-commerce brand, Glow Recipe, brought it over to America. You have definitely seen the bottles around Instagram — white-capped, clear tubes or frosted glass vials with simple, elegant labels that are a sharp contrast to the kitschy packaging employed by their competitors. This shapes the brand’s appeal, but what really cements its cult status is how it pioneers using cactus oil to hydrate the skin.

Many other K-beauty brands embrace using native ingredients, but Huxley has turned to the Sahara for inspiration. Women living in the parched terrain have used prickly pear extract to replenish their skin’s moisture levels for decades — something Huxley has now adapted for chronically dehydrated urbanites.

The labour behind each bottle is immense. It takes one million seeds to produce a single litre of product, and because Huxley doesn’t dilute or skimp on the concentration of cactus extract, you are unquestionably getting your money’s worth.

Many users swear that Huxley’s products have significantly reduced dryness, improved the texture of their skin, and made their faces look chok chok — the Korean term for dewy, bouncy skin that glows from within.

Here are the 5 Huxley products worth the splurge.

Water Grab Essence

The Water Grab Essence is a lightweight, watery gel meant to resuscitate tired skin. Made with 85 percent cactus oil, peppermint, and grapefruit extracts, this essence is a refreshing boost you can count on every morning, especially if you sleep with a vampiric air conditioner that drains the moisture from your face. The abundance of antioxidants in each vial also defends against free radicals, which in turn delays visible signs of ageing.

S$40, Lazada.

Glow Awakening Cream

Those looking for a moisturiser that can intensively nourish the skin and reduce hyperpigmentation, can look to Huxley’s latest release, the Glow Awakening cream. Aside from the usual, prickly suspects that go into the jar, the Glow Awakening cream contains niacinamide, a B vitamin that restores the skin, protects against ageing, and does wonders to fade scars. It’s got a thick, whipped consistency, making it more appropriate for nighttime use, as it does take a while to sink into the skin. Warm between your fingers first, then gently massage it on to speed up absorption.

S$40, Lazada.

Huxley Toner Extract It

This low pH toner helps to maintain your skin’s acidity, preventing bacterial growth and staving off blemishes. Created with 90 percent naturally derived ingredients in place of water, this toner is a lifesaver for anyone with sensitive or rough skin. Use right after you’ve washed your face, either with one layer, on the famed 7 skin method if your skin feels irreparably parched.

S$30, Lazada.

Huxley Sleeping Mask Good Night

To keep your skin nourished throughout the night, use this sleeping mask. Its ingredients are a blend of botanicals and tried-and-true compounds, including green tea to soothe, hyaluronic acid to draw water into the deepest levels of your dermis, and plant vitalisin to rejuvenate.

S$36, Lazada.

Huxley Oil Essence

This curious product is one of Huxley’s best-selling products. The unassuming, pale peach liquid in the vial is a hybrid, combining the best of a facial oil and an essence into one fast absorbing blend. It contains 61 percent cactus seed oil, which is rife with antioxidants and vitamin E. This syrupy formula is thin enough so you won’t feel like you’ve marinated your face in petroleum jelly after each use, but it doesn’t skimp on fortifying your skin either.

S$53, Lazada.

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