Much of what we associate as Korean beauty can be attributed to Jung Saem Mool. The celebrity makeup artist is a 30-year veteran in the industry, and through her work with Asia’s famous icons, she has consistently championed the trend of what she dubs “transparent beauty” — where minimal makeup is used to enhance, not mask, one’s features.

Transparent beauty is typical to the Korean take on makeup. In 2015, Jung Saem Mool decided to channel her know-how about the trend she spearheaded into her own makeup brand. Formerly available only in Korea, the expansive Jung Saem Mool beauty brand has now travelled beyond its native grounds to Singapore.

Jung Saem Mool’s full product range is now available at Escentials, and to celebrate its arrival, we have picked out our favourite products from the brand to help you emulate that coveted Korean glow-from-within look.