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The best nude eyeshadow palettes in 2023 for every budget

A makeup bag isn’t complete without a classic nude eyeshadow palette. Nude eyeshadow palettes are like your black clothes: They’re versatile and can be worn day or night, there’s never enough of them, and they’ll never go out of style. No matter what your makeup style is, a nude palette is a must-have for its overall versatility. Scroll through our list of the best nude eyeshadow palettes.

Makeup trends, like fashion, come and go. But there is one makeup look that has stayed throughout the years: nude eyeshadow. When layered and combined with different finishes, nude eyeshadows can do so much. To brighten your eyes, keep it subtle and blended, or add some eyeliner and smoke it out for added drama. Nude eyeshadow is also a good base for adding graphic elements such as winged liner, splashes of vivid colours, or glitter to create a visual work of art on your eyelids.

What to look for in a nude eyeshadow palette?

Skin undertones

You want a range of shades that will complement your skin tone. Choose a palette with taupes, silvers, and greys if you have cool undertones in your skin. Choose orange or peach-toned hues, coppers, and bronzes if you have warmer undertones.


Eyeshadows are available in a variety of finishes, including matte, satin, shimmer, and metallic. As long as you understand their properties, you can easily mix and match finishes.

Matte shadows: They appear flat on the lid and are ideal for those with oily lids because they absorb excess oil, as well as mature skin because they do not show as much texture as shimmery shades.

Shimmery shadows: contain particles that catch the light, making your eyes appear glittery.

Metallic finishes: have a foil-like appearance and are frequently tinted with gold, bronze, silver, or copper. They appear shiny on the lid and are a great way to glam up a look.

Satin eyeshadow: is the ideal combination of matte and shimmer. Satin products aren’t as flat as mattes, but they’re also not as glittery. They have a nice mix of sparkle and depth.

Our edit of the best nude eyeshadow palettes

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: How to keep eyeshadow palette clean?

Answer: Simply spray 70% isopropyl alcohol over your eyeshadow palettes and thoroughly saturate. Finally, allow to dry and evaporate! This will eliminate any nasties!

Question: Which eyeshadow palette to use as a beginner?

Answer: If you're just starting out, a drugstore eyeshadow palette would be a wise investment.

The best nude eyeshadow palettes in 2023 for every budget

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