In recent times, more attention to traditional modes of grooming have resurfaced thanks to the growing popularity of facial hair. While the more the merrier isn’t a biological capacity most Asian men possess, it doesn’t limit your ability to enjoy a wet shave from time to time. They’re great when done for you with a straight razor by a barber, but its a far more pertinent investment to get your own shaving kit.

Shaving kits are a hallmark of any dapper gentlemen’s grooming arsenal. We don’t mean cartridge or electric razor shaving kits either, but proper, stately shaving kits that look and can make you look damn good. With any of these kits, your daily shave will feel more like an indulgence than a necessity, so take your pick.

Pankhurst London Shaving Set

Award-winning groomers Pankhurst London has a shaving set packed with all the essentials one could possibly need for a smooth morning shave. The razor is crafted with tungsten steel and shaped to perfectly fit in your grip, compatible with Gilette Mach III or safety blades. There’s also a dense badger-hair brush to help pack on the lime and rum-scented shaving cream. The kit also comes with shampoo and a cooling aftershave balm.

S$465, Pankhurst London.

Czech & Speake Zebrano Wood Shave Set

Czech & Speake’s Zebrano Wood set is a stylish outlier from the usual steel and chrome luxury razors on the market. Given that Zebrano was once used for crafting boats, the material is highly resilient and suitable for travel. Coupled with a silver-tipped badger hair brush, you get the bare but sophisticated essentials for a smooth shave.

S$675, Mr Porter.

Colonel Conk 8-Piece Shaving Set

Wet shaving enthusiasts or men who want for little can opt to invest in the Colonel Conk shaving kit. It has all you could need: a Merkur razor and stand, a brush and shaving bowl, pre-shave oil, shaving soap and an aftershave lotion. You also get 10 Merkur razor blades with the kit, saving you the hassle of repurchases. This may not be the best option for men without substantial facial hair, but if you’re on a moustache and upwards, have at it.

S$160, Amazon.

Maison Lambert Deluxe Shaving Kit

Maison Lambert’s offerings are all organic, handmade, and hypoallergenic, making it ideal for anyone with sensitive skin. The kit, housed in a gorgeous wooden cigar box, comes with the pared down essentials for a classic shave. You get a shaving soap and aftershave rich in organic oils, a double-edged safety razor and a shaving brush in the kit. The box also makes it easily stored and transported when you travel while doubling up as a beautiful display piece.

S$125, Maison Lambert.

Beatrice Bowers
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