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Our favourite summer perfumes to entice all season long

Spring has sprung and gone. Now, we’re in the thick of summer, and as temperatures rise in Singapore, perfumes are more necessary than ever. Not just to keep you smelling fresh all day, but to offer you a vision of escapism each time you take a whiff. Your olfactory senses are strongly tied to imagination and memory, so purchasing a perfume that evokes a pristine beach or a sojourn by the ocean under the welcome sun makes a hot day in the city a whole lot better.

We’ve chosen some of our favourite fragrance drops for the season, ranging from light and floral to musky and empowering. Read on to find your new perfume for the summer.

1 /5

Issey Miyake Parfums L'eau d'Issey Pure Shade of Flower

Issey Miyake Parfums reinvents its classic L’eau d’Issey with the summery combination of hibiscus petals, freesia and raspberry flower. This sweet combination is underscored by bright citrus from lemon essence and given depth with a touch of sandalwood and white musk. Overall, the L’eau d’Issey Shade of Flowers is a deliciously rounded scent that smells like a stroll through a garden on a warm day.

2 /5

Gucci Bloom Gocce di Fiori

Gucci’s signature Bloom scent gets a lighter touch with the Gocce di Fiori edition. Governed by white flowers, especially that of jasmine and Indian tuberose, this perfume offers a heady, enchanting burst that becomes more sensual as it interacts with the heat of your skin.


3 /5

Byredo Sundazed

Byredo’s simple bottles belie extremely layered, beguiling perfumes. Their latest release, Sundazed, is summer-ready by name and by composition. Inspired by the feel of the sun on your welcome skin after a bout of winter, this perfume swirls fresh flowers with jolts of citrus, with a cotton candy base for a childlike touch.

4 /5

Coach Floral Blush Eau De Parfum

When a perfume includes berries, we often think of Western ones like raspberries, blackberries and the like. Coach’s summer fragrance, Floral Blush, takes the Asian route with the unexpected inclusion of goji berries. This gives it a lighter sweetness that accentuates the peony at the heart of this perfume. Think of the Floral Blush as a gentle floral sweep on the skin — it’s perfect for those who aren’t fans of flowery scents that tend to turn powdery.

5 /5

Narciso Rodriguez Pure Musc

Narciso Rodriguez’s Pure Musc may not be a fruity or a floral scent, but that doesn’t make it any less summery in our opinion. There are notes of fresh blooms in the base, with a musky personality that is still softer than most perfumes in the Narciso Rodriguez portfolio. An addictive woodiness gives Pure Musc a lingering depth that lasts all day, making this one to try for fans of slightly more masculine perfumes.