As much we believe in the magic of makeup, there are days when your skin deserves some downtime. A full face of foundation throughout the week, for eight to 10-hour stretches each time, can be punishing on your complexion. As much as we rely on our holy grail base products to accentuate beauty, some occasions call for us to set aside the elaborate, and instead turn to something simpler and more nourishing for our faces.

Tinted moisturisers are exactly that. Each creamy product forms the bridge between two beauty worlds — skincare and makeup — to endow your complexion with lasting hydration, as well as just the right amount of coverage to kindle your confidence. Wear it on breezy no-makeup-makeup days, or to laidback weekend situations (think brunch, pool dates, or the gym) where it’s not mandatory to bust out your full array of face paints. As an added bonus, they are far easier to apply than any other foundation, BB or CC cream. You don’t have to sweat the lazy mornings anymore, either.

If we’ve got you sold, here are some of the best tinted moisturisers out there.