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Brand edit: 5 best Blithe products to speed up your skincare routine

Lifestyle Asia’s Brand Edit column highlights some of the most exciting and innovative products from cult beauty brands on the market right now. We’ve covered labels like hanbang (Korean traditional medicine) champions Pyunkang Yul, botanical-focused Belif, and a lot more to help you make informed shopping decisions, and because there’s so much out there, we aren’t slowing down.

This edition of Brand Edit centres on Blithe, a Korean skincare brand that has swept the market because of its eye-catching packaging, multitasking products, and its self-branding as “smart” skincare for the urbanite.

Smart skincare entails using frontline scientific technology to tackle skincare issues its user may have, and defends against aggressors one may not even pay much attention to, such as pollution. Blithe’s products are all-natural, very much in line with the current market trend of organic skincare, and anti-polluaging. Micro-pollutants are a major cause of accelerated ageing, hence the portmanteau. Blithe guards skin against fine, as well as yellow dust, and heavy metal radiation. The result is a refreshed, protected complexion rid of dullness.

Its range is also full of multi-taskers, perfect for those on a tight schedule and can’t afford an hour a night of pampering. Unlike most K-beauty brands that stretch out your routine with extensive steps, Blithe aims to streamline the process without compromising efficacy.

If you’ve been tiptoeing around this label for awhile, unsure of what to get, then here are the best Blithe products you ought to try.

1 /5

Abalone Blue Zone Marine Intensive Mask

Abalone has left its place at your Chinese New Year dining table, and made its way into skincare with this Blithe sheet mask. The prized shellfish is able to deeply hydrate parched skin, restoring your moisture barrier after a single use. Also in the mask are amino acids, hyaluronic acid and collagen — all highly effective ingredients to help you achieve a glow. It is so packed with serum that if you have oilier skin, you can just use it as a moisturiser.

S$46 for 8 pieces. Available at Sephora.

2 /5

Soothing and Healing Patting Splash Mask

Don’t have the time or the care for a sheet mask, but still want results? Blithe has come up with a game-changing product for you: The splash mask. The bottle is filled with a potent liquid that you dilute with some water, before splashing it on your skin, then patting to ensure maximum absorption. You can even do this in the shower — just make sure to let your face air-dry after. Blithe has released three variations of this product, but our favourite is the Soothing bottle, made with green tea and tea tree oil to calm and cool blemished or aggravated skin.

S$54. Available at Sephora.

3 /5

8 Nourishing Beans Vital Treatment Pulp Essence

Essences are usually the type of step you skip if you aren’t a skincare nut, because it seems to just be another layer, and one more hassle. With Blithe’s concentrated essence, you won’t feel that way anymore. Made with eight types of beans, like soy, lentils and more, clocking it at 80 percent concentration, this is a lightweight, vitamin-rich extract that corrects hyperpigmentation, and soothes and nourishes your skin. The result is a plump complexion with an immediately visible difference. You won’t even need a mask, ampoules, or serums after.

S$61. Available on Glow Recipe.

4 /5

Tundra Chaga Pressed Serum

Pressed serums are what really put Blithe on the radar. This custard-textured gem seems a tad strange upon first use, but the deep levels of moisture it infuses upon one use is unparalleled. Chaga mushrooms are responsible for this. These are found in subzero tundras, and come with natural properties that hydrate and store water in your skin. Bid goodbye to dryness, and to using moisturiser too, if you’re in favour of a minimalist routine.

S$64. Available at Sephora.

5 /5

InBetween Instant Glowing Cream

Blithe’s range has expanded into makeup prep as well, and its InBetween glowing cream is to die for. The thin moisturiser is packed with niacinamide — the acne-busting, skin tone-evening powerhouse — and hydrating glycerin. Apply it on the skin before foundation, and watch as your skin instantly revitalises thanks to the luminous pearls in the cream itself. It’s dewiness in a jar.

S$60. Available on Glow Recipe.

Brand edit: 5 best Blithe products to speed up your skincare routine

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