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Christian Louboutin Beauty to premiere in Singapore this June

When Christian Louboutin dipped his red-soled stilettoed toes into the makeup world in 2014, his vision of beauty was met with equal parts wonder and incredulity. He began his journey into cosmetics with nail varnish, priced at a premium and arriving with a design so striking, many did not know what to make of the glassy cubed bottle topped with a dangerously pointed spire that doubled as a brush. This range was a precursor to the rest of Christian Louboutin Beauty, a brand that merged avant-garde packaging and classically appealing makeup to become a cult luxury favourite.

Christian Louboutin beauty singapore
The nail polish in the signature Christian Louboutin red. (Photo credit: Christian Louboutin)

Five years later, Christian Louboutin Beauty finally arrives in Singapore, with Tangs as its retailer from 1 July onwards, though there will be a digital pre-launch on the Tangs website from 20 June. Fans can expect the complete Christian Louboutin Beauty collection to arrive in Singapore, spanning the lipsticks, nail polish and liquid eyeshadows.

Christian Louboutin beauty singapore
The lipsticks and the nail polish. (Photo credit: Christian Louboutin)

Of them all, the lip products have been the most popular, making headlines time and again for its eye-catching cases. Inspired by Queen Nefertiti and art deco, these pointed gold or black tubes come capped with a studded crown threaded through with a ribbon (which, we suppose, is handy for those of you who want to take extravagance to the level of pure extra by wearing the lipstick as a necklace). These Louboutin lippies are available in three different finishes: Silky Satin, Velvet Matte and Sheer Voile. There are 47 hues across the board, and each is priced at S$142.

Christian Louboutin beauty singapore
The Tape à l’Oeil Eye Colours. (Photo credit: Christian Louboutin)

His signature nail collection, encompassing 29 colours, will also be ready for purchase, alongside the six metallic Tape à l’Oeil Eye Colours, which can be used as a liquid eyeshadow or eyeliner. Both products are priced at S$80.

It is finally time for you to introduce your love for Louboutin beyond your wardrobe, and into your vanity.

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