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Fast and flawless: A makeup guide to looking your best in 15 minutes

For many people, mornings present an eternal tug-of-war between the snooze button, and the ability to look presentable. Both are equally appealing, but that added 15 minutes of rest just seems to triumph every time.

A quarter of an hour doesn’t seem like a lot to be able to look awake and presentable, but the makeup artists at Estée Lauder believe it’s extremely possible. Recently, their regional artists flew down to Singapore for the label’s Global Make-Up Artiste convention, and the opening of the new Estée Lauder boutique in Marina Bay Sands. We spoke to two of them, Leo Wong from Hong Kong, and Fahmi Zulkafli from Malaysia, to crack the code on how exactly you can look your best on a busy morning. Having been with the label for 13 and seven years respectively, these are the guys to go to for advice.

estee lauder leo wong Fahmi Zulkafli
Fahmi Zulkafli and Leo Wong.

Before offering their tips, Wong and Zulkalfi shared two fundamental things to always pay attention to — good skincare habits, and understanding your face shape. These will help with how you apply makeup, particularly when you’re in a crunch.

Now, let these two Estée Lauder makeup artists show you how to maximise what little time you have on busy mornings to look your best.

Estée Lauder’s new boutique is located at The Shoppes At Marina Bay Sands, #B2-61, 10 Bayfront Avenue, Singapore 018956

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Apply a luminising priming moisturiser

“Good skincare does wonders for your complexion, and makes you radiant. If you only have 15 minutes, use a hydrating moisturiser right after cleansing your face. I like our Wake Up Balm, because it revitalises and brings a natural glow to your skin.”

— Leo Wong

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Mix your makeup with skincare

“I would recommend mixing your foundation with a serum to make your base makeup more nourishing. My holy grail combination is the Double Wear Foundation, and the Advanced Night Repair Serum. Mix it in a ratio of 3:1, and this also helps sheer out your foundation for a more natural finish. You can also choose to mix it with a cushion foundation if you don’t need that much coverage. Mixing also helps people with dry skin enjoy foundations that are meant for people with normal or oily skin types.”

— Fahmi Zulkalfi

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Conceal your eyebags

“If you have dark eye circles, or eye bags, then use a highlighting concealer. Apply it to the line under your eye bags and blend. This doesn’t just conceal the darkness, but makes the eye bags look less three-dimensional, giving the impression that you’re more awake.”

— Leo Wong

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Accentuate your natural eyebrows

“Many people don’t really know how to draw their eyebrows to suit their face shape, because they use celebrities or trends as a guide. Work with your natural eyebrows instead of overdoing it to save time. Sculpt your eyebrows with a pencil, brush through them [with a spoolie], and fill in the gaps with brow powder.”

— Fahmi Zulkalfi

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Finish off with some mascara...

“Instead of eyeliner, use mascara to lengthen the eyelashes and draw focus to the eyes.”

— Fahmi Zulkalfi

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...and a dash of lipstick

“You probably won’t have time to apply blush or contour, so use lipstick to add colour and dimension to the skin. It makes you look more put together too.”

— Leo Wong

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