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Face fright: 5 quick Halloween makeup looks for any lazy partygoer

For people that go the whole nine yards for Halloween, genuine props to you. The rest of us costume plebeians recognise that Halloween is primarily for parties and exclaiming at others’ jaw-dropping costumes, while we reach for another drink as a pat on the back for even bothering to dress up in the first place.

As the weekend gets closer, there’s an undeniable obligation to confront the nature of your get-up this year. Harrowing as it may be, stay your hand from buying a “Sexy [insert blue-collar profession]” costume at the last minute. Turn to makeup you might have lying around instead and cobble together an easy look. It doesn’t have to be the most creative, but it spells effort. Aside from being able to comfortably participate in the tradition of botching the “Thriller” choreography, that is what truly counts.

Here’s our list of five quick Halloween makeup looks any lazy partygoer can paint on. Fair warning: these require a rudimentary ability to put makeup on, or a friend who loves you enough to help.

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Wednesday Addams

To create this look, just slap on foundation a couple of shades lighter. Contour with a cool-toned grey or brown, give yourself black winged liner and a smoked out lower lashline, and finish with a black or dark lip. All that’s left is to braid your hair, and don a black pinafore dress. Plus points if you come with real misanthropy.

Video tutorial: Madeyewlook Twice

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Pop Art

This get-up seems a lot more complicated than it actually is. All you need is a thin brush, black face paint or gel liner, and the ability to draw lines of alternating thickness. You want to map out the contours of your face with the liner following any pop art painting as a guide. Finish off the look with a swatch of lipstick and a bold eye shadow. The more one dimensional the colours, the better.

Video: Helen Tonsgärden

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This is perfect if you’re rushing off to a party after work. Just paint the base of your nose and your top lip black, draw a line down your philtrum, and mark three dots on either side of your top lip. Finish off with cat-eye liner, a pair of cat ears, and you’re good to go. If you fancy a bit of a Mean Girls nod, opt for mouse ears and draw on some whiskers, because you’re now a mouse, duh.

Video: Desi Perkins

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Wear fishnet stockings over your face. Get a shimmery colourful eyeshadow palette, and layer complementary colours over your neck, forehead, temples and cheeks until you’re satisfied with the blend. Take the stockings off, and you have your scales. Finish up with a complementary eyeshadow look and a bright lip. Lazy folks, just do the scales in green, toss fake blood over your face and call yourself a dead mermaid.

Video tutorial: Melissa Alatorre

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Dig up a straw hat (or a fedora, if you’re desperate) and a flannel button-down. Take a red lipstick or stain and dot two large circles on the apples of your cheeks, and a triangle on the tip of your nose. Use black face paint or liner, and a thin brush to outline the triangle, making it look like a patch. Draw two lines across your cheeks and mark them to look like stitches. To make it spooky, use a bloodied, fake brain as a prop and wander around the party like you experienced the rough side of Oz.

Video tutorial: Shaaanxo

Face fright: 5 quick Halloween makeup looks for any lazy partygoer

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