2016 has seen a number of beauty trends come and go, but two sticklers have been the “no makeup” makeup look and highlighters. The former has always been a staple in Asian beauty, while the latter has turned into a global phenomenon spurred by blinding cheeks popping up everywhere on social media.

Some days, you want to glow without going the whole nine yards — to go au naturel, looking like you’re radiant from within. Since that is virtually unachievable unless you have a completely stress-free lifestyle, a clean diet with exercise and a 20-step skincare routine (in which case, are you even real?), here’s how you can achieve naturally glowing skin.

Before you complain about having to spend an hour just to achieve a light slay, this naturally glowing skin routine takes less than half the time. All hail the power of makeup.

Prep and set with a dewy skin mist

Aside from a primer, ready your face with a hydrating skin mist to freshen up your complexion. You can use anything from a water-based spray, like the Philosophy Hope In A Jar Microrenewal Skin Mist, or a dewy setting spray, like the Tatcha Luminous Dewy Skin Mist. This is a skincare secret dating back to how the geishas retained perfect skin, even with foundation caked on.

Use liquid highlighters

Instead of powder, use a couple of drops of liquid highlighter mixed with your foundation to emanate a soft glow, or dab it on the tops of your cheeks with your fingers to liven up and add some dimension to your face. If you prefer to use tacky foundation, set it with a no-colour powder, or bypass foundation altogether. Look to highlighters like the Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector liquids.

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Conceal, don't feel

Cover your blemishes with a brightening concealer, particularly in the undereye area, and anywhere with discolouration. Ensure you have a concealer that doesn’t crease, to keep up with the natural façade. The best way to apply concealer would be with a beauty sponge, for a more airbrushed finish.

Think peach

Few people blush neon pink. If you want to have a healthy flush without making the blush look too obvious, use a peach or muted beige, depending on your skin tone. Peachy blushes with a light sheen, like Tarte’s Amazonian Clay 12-hour blush in Captivating, are the kinds you should gravitate towards. If you really must use pink, choose soft, baby pinks and use a only a light dusting.

Swap out the lipstick for tints and balms

For K-beauty fans, tints aren’t anything new. They’re a practically foolproof way of adding life to your lips without needing to bother about fading or cracking. The best way to apply these would be to dab it on with your finger with sparing amounts of tint, to prevent the colour from getting too lurid.

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