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7 seductive FW’17 perfume releases you need now

Seasonal launches are always exciting, and these fall and winter months have got plenty to offer to the beauty world. The new FW’17 perfume releases in particular, are truly upping the game. Instead of moody, oud- and musk-forward scents, this fall and winter is defined by a surprisingly floral and fruity palette, with notes of gardenia, orange, cherry and jasmine being some of the top choices for perfume creators. This makes FW’17 perfumes even more appropriate for Singaporean consumers as, let’s face it, anything beyond summer is a fantasy here.

Brands like Tiffany & Co, as well as the Andy Warhol Foundation have dipped their toes into the realm of scents, releasing new creations to redefine their respective names — to much success.

Also impressive this month is a new take on perfumery by Byredo. The chic Swedish house’s new innovation of powder fragrances comes right at the top of our travel essentials, because its convenience is astounding.

Read on to find out more about the FW’17 perfume drops you absolutely must get your hands on this season. If you’re not a fan of scents yourself, this makes a handy gift guide for any of your loved ones this coming festive period.

Prada's Candy Gloss

Perfumer Daniela Andrier has concocted a feminine fragrance that doesn’t smell cloying or candy-like, despite its name. Made with cherry, orange blossoms, and just a touch of musk, this balmy perfume will have you smelling like a treat.

S$148 for 50ml and 192 for 80ml. Available at Robinsons, TANGS, Takashimaya and selected Sephora stores.

Comme des Garçons x Andy Warhol Foundation's You're In

The man who defined art in postmodernity now has his own unique scent, dubbed You’re In. This unisex expression is a release by the Andy Warhol Foundation and Commes des Garcons, reworking Warhol’s first controversial perfume that was sold in Coke bottles that were spray painted silver. Commes des Garcons has stuck to Warhol’s original, citrusy recipe for the scent, keeping to bitter orange, lime zest and jasmine as You’re In’s most prominent notes.

Price NA. Available at Dover Street Market Singapore.

Byredo's Bal d'Afrique Kabuki Powder Perfumes

Byredo’s chief perfumer, Ben Gorham, was inspired by the art of Kabuki when creating his new line of powdered scents. Our favourite from the range of three is Bal d’Afrique, a mellow floral scent with neroli, African marigold and cedarwood as its main notes. Those who favour heavier, sensuous winter scents will love Bal d’Afrique.

S$79. Available on escentials.

Tiffany & Co's Tiffany

Like the Prada Candy Glow, Tiffany & Co’s first perfume is made by Daniela Andrier. The two perfumes are extremely different specimens of Andrier’s talent, with Tiffany being the more mature, romantic scent. Composed with iris butter flower, patchouli and mandarin zest, this is a scent for the sophisticated.

Price NA. Available at Tiffany & Co boutiques.

KKW Beauty's Crystal Gardenia Perfumes

We teased the launch of Kim Kardashian West’s new perfume from her own brand, KKW Beauty, two months back, and it’s finally here. There are three in the range, with Crystal Gardenia being a signature scent. It’s a flowery perfume, tinged with water lily, tuberose and naturally, gardenia. Spritz some on to channel your inner Kim K.

S$50. Available at KKW Beauty.

Glossier's You

Instagram-famous brand, Glossier, has released its first perfume, titled You. Keeping with the brand’s ethos of celebrating beauty from within, this is a perfume that smells like you, but better. It is musky, warm with sultry ambrette and a kick of pink pepper on its top notes to add some dimension. It also evolves according to your skin’s chemistry as the day wears on, adding to its uniqueness.

S$82. Available on Glossier.

Guerlain's Mon Guerlain

With Angelina Jolie as the face of Mon Guerlain, you can expect this perfume to be provocative. Lavender, lime and vanilla notes create a delicious sorbet for the senses, before it mellows out into intense patchouli and cedar. It was designed by Thierry Wasser to embody “the notes of a woman”, and Mon Guerlain definitely succeeds.

S$58 for 50ml, S$208 for 100ml. Available at all Guerlain counters.

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