Alessandro Michele’s redefinition of Gucci continuously tasks the public to question, “what’s in a name?” Whimsical, otherworldly, futuristic, nostalgic — all these juxtapositional terms have been tossed at the brand every time a new collection debuts as critics grapple with pinning down exactly what Michele’s layered idea of Gucci is, and while we still can’t find a concrete answer, there’s another avenue to fling those adjectives at with the revival of Gucci Beauty under the adroit creative director.

The former iteration of Gucci Beauty was polished in all its atypical black-and-gold glory. It delivered an expected image of luxury that Michele has happily demolished with his debut range of 58 lipsticks and a visual campaign that looks like it was clipped from Sophia Coppola’s hallucinations.

Gucci beauty alessandro michele
One of the campaign images. (Photo credit: Gucci)

Floral prints, grainy 8mm footage, and 80s-style outfits form the aesthetic trifecta that promotes the fresh lipstick line. In the campaign video, we see Surfbort frontwoman Dani Miller and three models flashing perfectly imperfect grins, teeth gaps and all, with pouts dressed in varying shades of the new lipstick.

Punk band, Surfbort's frontwoman and Gucci muse, Dani Miller. (Photo credit: Gucci)
The viral campaign ad, featuring Dani Miller's iconic smile. (Photo credit: Gucci)

58 options are a handful, but the range is divided into three distinct formulas — satin, sheer and a balm, with satin offering the widest array of 36 hues. All the lipsticks are homed in tubes that with vintage prints that won’t look amiss in grandma’s living room (obviously a good thing in our books).

The new era of Gucci Beauty launched in New York and will soon make its way to Singapore. When, we do not know, but our lips are more than ready for Gucci goodness.

Beatrice Bowers
Features Editor
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