We called it: 2016 is the year of rose gold. You saw rose gold digital accessories, jewellery, manicures, and anything else that could receive a metallic upgrade was thrown into rose gold splendour. Even Pantone declared rose quartz (same difference, really) the colour of 2016.

As the year inches to a close, the rose gold torpedo shows no signs of reaching its end. Instagram, the visual bible of all that is trendy in fashion and beauty, has registered another unexpectedly rosy movement — rose coloured hair. For further justification, even celebrities like Elle Fanning, Kylie Jenner and Blake Lively have become fast adopters.

This is not the revival of pastel pink hair so coveted two years ago. Rose gold hair is typified by a warm, rose coloured base, and streaks of blonde or peach, compatible for all skin tones. Rarely wholly uniform, rose coloured hair is forgiving of darker roots, which makes growing your hair out far less frustrating than a regular bleach job. A rose gold dye job typically lasts between five to seven washes before fading, so if you want it to last, start out with a more vividly pink option.

Those contemplating revamping your ‘do for the festive season can look to these variations of rose coloured hair for inspiration.