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Isabel Marant to debut a Parisian chic makeup line with L’oreal

When L’oreal and Balmain joined forces last year, their brainchild buzzed across the beauty world. Twelve Colour Riche lipsticks, ranging from subtle nudes to sultry bold, were designed to create striking fashion statements with beauty, and both magnates delivered.

This year, L’oreal has turned its sights to another French label, albeit one with an aesthetic that is the polar opposite of Balmain’s. The beauty giant will work with Isabel Marant, the quintessential Parisian chic designer, to create a streamlined makeup line slated for release during Paris Fashion Week this September.

Isabel Marant’s products exude a minimalism that conveys the laidback, effortless glamour of the French women that stroll down the famed Champs-Élysées. Expect that same kind of pared-down approach to its inaugural beauty collection, which will only comprise five products.

isabel marant l'oreal
Isabel Marant.

Little detail has been provided so far, but Marant’s selection will focus on the lips, eyes, cheeks — each product friendly to women of all pursuits, perfectly-sized to fit in your daily makeup bag, and versatile enough to take you from the office to a party.

isabel marant l'oreal
We spot some bright eyeshadows on the table.

In a press statement, Marant teased that “it has been a dream to get right inside makeup innovation and to offer this collection of day-into-night, natural-to-smoking makeup essentials [she has] always wanted”.

Knowing Marant, we’re expecting fresh, coral blushes, a bold red lipstick, a smoky eyeshadow quad and perhaps the introduction of bright pops of colour to make a statement. September is only too far away.

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