Earlier this year, the fashion industry was hit by the tragedy of Karl Lagerfeld’s passing. The enigmatic icon behind Fendi and Chanel remains a name that influences the fashion sphere, and even after his passing, that influence now has the potential to extend to the beauty realm with the announcement that Lagerfeld will release a makeup line in collaboration with L’Oréal Paris come 20 September.

Fashion news portal WWD divulged that Lagerfeld worked on the line prior to his demise and that the collection will combine the late designer’s edgy sensibilities with the brand’s focus on cosmetic science and colour.

karl lagerfeld makeup
The Karl Lagerfeld x Modelco collab. (Photo credit: Modelco)

This is not the first time Lagerfeld has dabbled with makeup. In 2018, he worked with Australian brand Modelco to release a collection spanning eyeshadow to lipsticks, all dedicated to his beloved motifs, including his own emblem and his cat, Choupette.

The 20 September release for the upcoming Karl Lagerfeld x L’Orèal Paris line will take place on the brand’s website, but the in-store release is to debut globally on 27 September. More details to come.

Beatrice Bowers
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