Luxury fragrances are a dime a dozen. New scents drop nearly every month, promising for wearers to smell more alluring, more seductive, and more desirable with each new spritz. Louis Vuitton is a label that has kept an arm’s length away from the fuss for almost 90 years, until today.

The latest Louis Vuitton perfume line, Les Parfums, appears a visual exercise in minimalism that is a far cry from the typically elaborate bottles of designer perfumes. Marc Newson designed round apothecary bottles with simple stopper caps housing a spray nozzle, and neat black font adorning the bottle. There is a certain prestige affected by the simplicity of the bottle — it doesn’t proclaim its brand status, and yet is distinctly Louis.

louis vuitton les parfum
The bottles are Newson’s minimalist update on classic apothecary vials.

Crafted with the notion of a fragrance wardrobe in mind, the range comprises seven fragrances made with carefully sourced floral ingredients that reflect the brand’s ethos of globetrotting luxury. Jacques Cavallier-Belletrud, the master perfumer for Louis Vuitton, explains that the primary inspiration behind each scent was how they would play out on a woman’s skin. Clients can either choose to purchase the entire line and don a different signature scent for any occasion, or pick one Louis Vuitton perfume that epitomises their favourite fragrance notes and personality.

To help, here are the seven new Louis Vuitton perfumes and the personalities they suit best.

The full Les Parfums range is available at all Louis Vuitton boutiques.

Rose Des Vents

What’s in a name? Rose Des Vents plays on rose being a classic ingredient in perfumery, bringing Turkish, French and Bulgarian strains of the flower together with iris, cedar and spices for an earthy, floral scent that remains surprisingly light on the nose. Enthusiasts of fresh flowers can turn to this scent as a perpetual bouquet you carry with you.


For a name that recalls chaos, Turbulences is a relatively tame, linear perfume. It is composed from Grasse Jasmine, tuberose and musk, with notes of magnolia and leather accentuating the rich animalic smell that tapers off into a warm, slightly citrusy medium-bodied fragrance. If you’re one who carries out your daily life with a well-ordered, uncomplicated routine, let Turbulences be your choice.

Dans La Peau

Befitting its golden hue is a comparably lush, leather-focused scent undercut by light floral notes from daffodil, magnolia, and jasmine. It’s an encapsulation of the sweetness in both emotion and scent when you get a brand-new leather handbag. When it interacts with the heat of your skin, it unfolds into a clean, musk scent. The combination of musk and leather marks this as one for individuals who prefer heady perfumes.



Apogée is a stunning fresh fragrance centred on lily of the valley. It’s soft, with guaiac and sandalwood undertones grounding the fragrance. Despite the dominant floral notes, Apogée is a versatile, unisex perfume that carries well from day to night. Those with a hectic social and professional life can turn to this perfume for a fuss-free, yet uncompromisingly elegant scent.

Contre Moi

Think of Contre Moi as dessert in a bottle. Sweet, milky vanilla notes capture the nose on first spritz, which paves the way for a fresh and airy orange blossom scent a couple of hours into use. Notes of cherry and cocoa can also be discerned, preventing the perfume from smelling overly sweet. Contre Moi breathes new life into vanilla, which has frankly become a pedestrian appearance in too many perfumes. This is a scent for anyone who enjoys battling the status quo head on.

Matière Noire

Matière Noire is a perplexing scent not easily deciphered. It is sweet, spicy, and slightly rubbery, but there’s little to unravel when the notes are so tightly combined with each other. There’s a dash of fruitiness from the narcissus and blackcurrant, with the heaviness of oud, and a hint of incense from the patchouli, lending the fragrance a slight smokiness. Think of Matière Noire as seduction bottled — the signature of a femme fatale.

Mille Feux

Raspberry, osmanthus and leather meld in Mille Feux, forming a juicy, lush nighttime scent without being overpowering. Those who frequent parties with society’s upper echelon can turn to Mille Feux as the perfect accompaniment to any refined evening dress.

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