Lip glosses used to be a massive hit in the earlier 2000s, but were quickly surpassed by matte liquid lipsticks that have now become a mainstay in the makeup world. At the tail end of 2016 though, beauty influencers were flaunting more and more glossy lip looks, and brands followed close behind.

With popular labels like Kylie Cosmetics and Too Faced growing their lip gloss ranges to meet a potential demand, we’re calling lip glosses a burgeoning trend for the coming spring season. They’re the long-awaited answer for anyone who’s been resenting the matte lips wave thanks to how it accentuates fine lines and drier patches, with the added benefit of making your lips look juicy and plush. It’s about time too, since metallic and holographic lipsticks are on the up-and-up.

The second coming of lip glosses sees more opaque products steal the lime light, as compared to the highly-glittery, sheer formulations from days past. To help you achieve pouty perfection, here are five of our favourite lip glosses.