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Lipstick gets personal with the new Burberry Velvet Lip Crush collection

Even the staunchest lipstick fanatic cannot deny the pleasure of scoring a my-lips-but-better colour off the shelves. Abbreviated as MLBB, the phrase refers to a hue that matches the natural tone of your pout so closely, it becomes your instant go-to product to amp up your lips no matter the occasion. Its practicality is another huge bonus. This special lipstick breed will never fade unflatteringly since they’re so close to your inherent lip colour that you can chuck down a dinner with reckless abandon and not think twice.

The ideal MLBB lipstick must have two chief qualities – it should be buildable, so you can layer and mix colours to get as close to your flesh tone as possible, and itmust be comfortable, because the last thing you need is for your pucker to look good, but feel like it’s been swept by a drought. The quest to find a product that checks all the boxes is an arduous one, but Burberry has swept in with a solution that ends your hunt for that one MLBB lipstick to rule them all.

The Burberry Lip Velvet Crush is a sheer-matte lip stain that comes in twelve shades spanning nudes, reds and mauves. Its hydrating formula promises up to eight hours of wear and nourishment for your lips even though it has a semi-matte finish. What we’re really sold on is the unique sponge-bud applicator, which allows you to build up your colour of choice without the risk of getting too heavy-handed, unlike a traditional lipstick or applicator wand.

The shades are beautiful alone, but when mixed together, the combinations you create can be the ultimate expression of your individuality – an MLBB lipstick. To help you find a pair that works, we’ve created a guide that shows how you can mix two Burberry Lip Velvet Crush lipsticks to best create your ideal MLBB colour. So make like an artist with your lips as a canvas, and get swatching.

For naturally mauve lips

Mix the Lip Velvet Crush lipsticks in “Sugar Rush” and “Rosy Mauve”.

In the world of makeup, mauve is that one trendy colour that’ll never die. So if you naturally have berry-toned lips, consider yourself lucky. To give your kisser a little oomph, start off with a wash of the Lip Velvet Crush in “Rose Mauve” – a cool-toned purple-pink that fans of Buberry’s “Rosewood” lipstick will love. Mix in a touch of “Sugar Rush”, a baby pink that will liven up the look, and you’re all set.

For naturally red lips

Mix the Lip Velvet Crush lipsticks in “Military Red” and “Cranberry Red”.

If you’ve got a mouth that always looks rosy, you’d want to mix a blue- and pink-toned red to achieve that perfect blood-rush flush. That’s what you get when you add a slick of the Lip Velvet Crush in “Cranberry Red” atop a layer of “Military Red”. To blend, use your index finger and gently tap in the combination for a seamless finish.

For naturally taupe or brownish lips

Mix the Lip Velvet Crush lipsticks in “Oxblood” and “Cinnamon”.

Taupe lips are characterized as a brown-toned pink, and they’re not the easiest colour to nail when trying to achieve that MLBB effect. Fortunately, Burberry has got two lipsticks that when mixed, deliver a shade that is totally taupe – it doesn’t veer too pink or too brown. These are “Oxblood”, which looks like a squeeze of berry juice, and “Cinnamon”, a dusty terracotta. Mix them together, and marvel.

For naturally peachy lips

Mix the Lip Velvet Crush lipsticks in “Honey Nude” and “Cinnamon”.

People with a touch of peach or beige to their lips can blend the warm “Honey Nude” and “Cinnamon” together to orchestrate the ideal nude that doesn’t wash out your skin tone, no matter fair, tan or dark. Another hack: apply “Cinnamon” to your lips first, then “Honey Nude” just on the centre to achieve the illusion of a fuller pout.

All Burberry Lip Velvet Crush lipsticks are priced at S$47. Available at Sephora Ion and Tangs Plaza only. 

Lipstick gets personal with the new Burberry Velvet Lip Crush collection

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