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Looking tired? Here are 3 ways Radium Medical Aesthetics can perk your skin up

How is it already October? You find yourself asking. That’s right, before you know it, you’re out battling the frazzled crowds for last minute Christmas shopping and heading into another couple of weeks’ worth of late nights, boozing and general debauchery. Clearly, you’d want to look your best (because no one needs any shade thrown at them during the season of giving), but stress, dehydration and a poor diet does eventually take a toll on your skin, not to mention all the sweat and humidity that causes buildup on your complexion.

Even if you do hydrate and follow through with a 7-step Korean skincare step routine, there’s no harm seeking additional help and Radium Medical Aesthetics is here to save the day.

Run by medical director and founder Dr Siew Tuck Wah, who has a wealth of experience in aesthetic medicine, the clinic extends a full suite of skin treatments and programs for all sorts of issues that plague your modern lifestyle. And if their comprehensive offerings are not enough,  Dr Siew is more than happy to suggest a customised program specially catering to your skin’s issues.

Intimate and conveniently located at Suntec City, the clinic doubles up as a quiet haven, while being easily accessible for lunchtime treatments. Apart from spacious private treatment rooms, there’s a powder room corner stocked with skincare essentials for touch ups before heading back out for the day.

On that note, here are 3 skin rejuvenating solutions from Radium Medical Aesthetics to start now that will carry you through the festive end of year season.

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Dual Yellow Laser

Not only does this magical treatment not require any numbing cream, it also helps to deescalate some less desirable skin conditions, such as redness, rosacea, and melasma. What it does it shrink blood capillaries and curbs the production of melanin, improving skin texture, brightens the complexion and even remove skin growths. It also treats acne-prone skin rather effectively with its yellow light, killing bacteria on the skin and reducing the production of sebum by shrinking the sebaceous glands. For night owls, the dual yellow laser is also effective in reducing dark eye circles.

More information here.


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Revital Laser Rejuvenation

This laser treatment is best for those who want more refinement to their complexion. Its thermal effect encourages collagen to grow, ensuring firmer skin and clear reduction in fine lines and wrinkles. Other perks include sebum control and improvement of texture from acne scars. It may take a few sessions for results to show, but with no downtime to speak of, this gentle laser is perfect for the corporate workaholic that’s constantly on the go.

More information here.

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Skin Brightening Laser

Skin brightening is a sure sell for anyone who wants to achieve that inner glow. Existing sun spots and freckles are immediately broken down by a device called the Spectra XT, which offers a range of light spectrums that target various skin problems. In this case, will give you a more even complexion and the confidence to head out into public without epic Instagram-beauty-influencer levels of foundation and coverage. You’d require about 5 sessions to see results, but trust us, it’s definitely worth the time.

More information here.

Looking tired? Here are 3 ways Radium Medical Aesthetics can perk your skin up

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