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Hot drop: Marc Jacobs Beauty’s Coconut Glow collection arrives in Singapore

Marc Jacobs went on a health kick way back, and discovered a love for coconut water. Its health benefits, scent and tropical taste captivated the designer, and when you couple that with his famous obsession with all things shiny, the Coconut Glow collection comes as no surprise.

The beautiful but simple range places emphasis on providing the wearer with a dewy, fresh and youthful complexion with a sunkissed touch. This summer, four new products are dropping in limited edition white packaging. Call us in love.

marc jacobs beauty coconut collection sg
We’re nuts for the new collection.

First up is the Re(cover) Perfecting Coconut Setting Mist. With just three spritzes, this spray promises to lock in your makeup, and give you a beautiful sheen that lasts. You can also use it to prep your skin after sunscreen, and before your base products for added hydration. It calms the skin, thanks to its formula that’s fortified with coconut alkalines and milk.

The Dew Drops Gel Highlighter is a cream peachy-champagne highlighter that’ll suit a whole range of skin tones. Aside from the coconut, it’s got Vitamin B5 for added nourishment. The new O!Mega Bronzer in Perfect Tan is a pale terracotta bronzer that’s perfectly matte. Brush it all over your contour zones, and you’ll look fresh off a beach vacation. Also included in the release is a limited edition bronzer brush.

marc jacobs beauty coconut collection sg
There she glows.

Of course, the Under(cover) Perfecting Coconut Primer will still be on board. This popular primer is lightweight and rich in moisturising nutrients to refresh your complexion before you cake on the base. Given that the beauty world is riding on a highlight train that isn’t stopping, the Coconut Glow range is right on the money. Its fantastic for those not keen on blinding streaks of layered highlighter, since the line focuses on simply making your skin look hot for the summer.

The Coconut Glow collection is now available at Sephora

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