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Royal flush: 6 stunning mauve blushes to try

Blush products have long been used to impart a natural, rosy flush to the cheeks. As much as “natural” holds clout in the makeup world now, anyway. While one would typically reach for nude, pink or coral blushes, there’s a whole new market for mauve, taupe or purple-toned blushes that can be intimidating for some, but are well worth venturing into if you’re looking to expand your base routine.

Mauve and purplish blushes work excellently with darker skin tones, but those who are fairer can hop on the bandwagon by just using a light hand when applying. Mauve blushes give the face depth by working seamlessly with a cool-toned contour shade thanks to its blue undertones.

We’ve rounded up our top six mauve blushes just in case you’d like to treat yourself.

Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush in "Seduce"

Tarte’s  Amazonian Clay 12-Hour blushes are famed for being extremely long-lasting instead of melting into the skin after half a workday. They’re beautifully pigmented as well. “Seduce” is a slightly warmer mauve that’s a great introduction into cooler colours for those accustomed to using coral blushes.

Available at Sephora.

Marc Jacobs Beauty Air Blush in "Lush & Libido"

Marc Jacobs Beauty’s Air Blushes are known for having a beautifully lightweight, natural finish that has a sheen, but isn’t too shimmery. These qualities are all massive checks in the box for fans of dewy makeup. “Lush & Libido” could be a bold colour for some thanks to the colour duo, but blend them in together and you’ll get a soft, vibrant mauve that’ll bring life to your complexion.

Available at Sephora. 

Urban Decay Afterglow in "Obsessed"

Here’s one for the tanner ladies: Urban Decay’s Afterglow blush formula is an extremely pigmented one with a satin finish, and “Obsessed” teeters the line between soft pink and pale purple. It’s very in-your-face, ideal for parties or days where you just feel like you need to relive the 70s.

Available at Urban Decay or Sephora.

Benefit Blush in "Hervana"

There are some who prefer sheerer blushes, and “Hervana” is just that. Swirl the four colours together to get a pale mauve hue, and brush it on your cheeks for a fresh take on a summery hue. “Hervana” layers extremely well, so don’t be afraid to build it up for a deeper flush.

Available at Benefit or Sephora.

Too Faced Love Flush Blush in "Your Love Is King"

Aside from having from one of the prettiest packagings around, the Too Faced Love Blushes are packed with pigments, and are a great matte blush option. Those who prefer darker mauve tones can go for “Your Love Is King”, a soft purple hue.

Available at Sephora

Tom Ford Beauty Cheek Colour in "Ravish"

Tom Ford’s “Ravish” is a rosy mauve blush that imparts a fresh glow to your cheeks. The blush is almost a cream-to-powder, and beautifully smooth to apply. Given the pearlised formula, you can also use it as a blush topper on days where you want your complexion to look healthier. Just have a lighter hand if you have texture on your cheeks as the pearls in the blush can make it more pronounced.

Available at TANGS

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