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Madonna’s skincare line, MDNA Skin, includes a mask for your derrière

We’re in the thick of celebrity-launched makeup and skincare lines, what with Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty having just swept the globe. Madonna comes close behind with MDNA Skin, her very own skincare line created with Japanese cosmetics company MTG.

The line has actually been around in Asia for three years, but the publicity behind the products was kept to a minimum. Only with its recent release in America has the brand received some hype, and it is well-deserved attention, if only for how much effort Madonna has put into the line across its development.

mdna skin
All the products in MDNA Skin. From L to R, clockwise: The Skin Rejuvenator cleansing tool, the rose mist, the face wash, the Chrome clay mask, the eye masks, the serum and the eye serum.

MDNA Skin currently has six products. They are a clay mask, a serum, a face wash, a rosewater mist, an eye mask, and a cleansing tool. An eye serum will be the seventh introduction to her line, coming soon. The packaging is extremely sleek, with every gunmetal grey container crafted to look like space-age vials.

Madonna tested over 50 different fragrances to find the right scent for her refreshing rosewater mist. Every single MDNA Skin product is rigorously used by the star on various parts of her body. The face serum has been tested on the Queen of Pop’s knees, elbows and hands, but the most unorthodox combination is the use of her Chrome clay mask on her butt.

mdna skin
Madonna in Givenchy at the Met Gala red carpet 2016.

Madonna revealed this tidbit at MDNA Skin’s New York launch, where she answered the crowd’s confusion with, “Because you have skin on your butt. Don’t other people look at your butt? The butt has an audience! At least one?” Point taken. She even advised people to try it as a couple’s activity.  “He or she could rub your feet or give you a massage while you keep it on for seven to 10 minutes,” joked the star.

The clay mask is made with minerals from Montecatini Terme in Tuscany. It promises to remove impurities from the skin, as per a usual clay mask, but the novelty comes from having to use her Skin Rejuvenator cleansing tool to magnetically extract the mask from the skin. Or you could just wash it off with water, since the mask alone will set you back S$160, and the Skin Rejuvenator another S$800.

mdna skin
The face wash and rose mist.

The rosewater mist is another one of Madonna’s holy grails from her range. The mist, made with mineral water also from Montecatini, aims to refresh her dehydrated complexion, while the wild and Damascus rose essential oils amp up each spritz to a sensorial experience. Essential oils, however, can be a trigger for those with sensitive skin, so it’s best to test with caution.

If this line will have our skin looking as fresh and as plump as the 59 year-old icon’s, we’ll say, “give it 2 me”.

MDNA Skin is currently available online, or exclusively at Barney’s New York. For more information, see

Madonna’s skincare line, MDNA Skin, includes a mask for your derrière

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