There’s no doubt Net-A-Porter Beauty is a stalwart in an e-beauty retail industry that keeps on growing. The luxury beauty commerce website is famed for its expansive, but still carefully curated selection of products, with more than 200 brands under its portfolio.

Its been five years since the inception of Net-A-Porter Beauty, and the platform wants to celebrate the monumental occasion with loyal customers in the best possible way — by busting out more beauty treats you can now purchase.

First up is the 5th Anniversary Kit, a selection of travel-sized beauty favourites curated by the site’s beauty director, Newby Hands. These 12 pint-sized products have attained cult status on the site over the past half a decade, with highlights such as Terry’s Baume de Rose, Oribe’s shampoo and conditioner, the Mimi Luzon gold foil and more.

Also worth cheering for are the new introductions to the platform, including skincare brand Algenist, and Anya Hindmarch’s perfume line Anya Smells. But what really makes Net-A-Porter Beauty’s anniversary extra special are the product collaborations the website has done with 19 different cosmetic labels. Nineteen may seem like a lot to purchase (or not, we don’t judge), so we’ve whittled down our top picks from the anniversary collection for you.

Lano 101 Ointment Multi-Balm Fruities Trio

Lanolin, an all-natural oil derived from sheep’s wool, is one of the most moisturising ingredients available. Australian skincare brand, Lano, has harnessed the power of lanolin to create its now-popular lip, hand and skin salves, and has formulated three flavoured versions for Net-A-Porter Beauty. The new Fruities Trio will give you all the lanolin goodness you’re familiar with in juicy fresh green apple, strawberry and peach flavours.

S$45. Available here.

Slip Embroidered Eye Mask

Nothing spells self-care like falling asleep with an embroidered sleeping mask made from a hundred percent top-grade mulberry silk. Made by Slip, makers of the popular hypoallergenic silk pillowcases, this mask will make your eyelids feel like they’ve been kissed by clouds. Also, it feels nice to wake up branded as an “incredible woman”.

S$57. Available here.

Christian Louboutin Sheer Voile Lip Colour in "Bisous"

Christian Louboutin‘s ornate lipsticks are back, this time in three new colours, only for Net-A-Porter. Our favourite is Bisous, a sheer coral-red lip paint in a balm-like formula with fine gold shimmers. It is ultra-nourishing and the perfect everyday hue, especially on bare-faced days where you feel like you need a booster.

S$120. Available here.

Susanne Kaufmann Antioxidant Oil

Susanne Kaufmann’s brand is all about bringing the finest botanical ingredients from Austria’s Bregenz forest mountains to you. The organic label has created the Antioxidant Oil for Net-A-Porter, a calming moisturiser you can use after a bath as a little sensory treat. All the herbs that go into the oil are hand-sourced from the wild, which adds to the luxury.

S$95. Available here.

Vinter's Daughter Active Botanical Serum

Vinter’s Daughter is all about toxin-free skincare. Its products are all about pure ingredients with no fluff and its acclaimed Active Botanical Serum is proof of that. Made with 22 different plant and fruit oils, including bergamot, avocado, evening primrose and turmeric, this serum is a seriously indulgent nighttime treat for your skin. While the serum typically comes in precious 30ml portions, a large 50ml version, housed in a floral vial, has been created for Net-A-Porter Beauty.

S$445. Available here.

Beatrice Bowers
Features Editor
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