August is the month where both fashion and beauty worlds are on the cusp of Fall/Winter 2017. For cosmetic junkies, this means new makeup to get your hands on.

There are hot drops aplenty, but the ones that have really piqued our interest this month are the big ones, like Marc Jacobs Beauty’s fall line. The main attraction is the all-new Eye-conic eyeshadow palettes (more down below), but the label will also grace Sephora’s shelves with new makeup brushes, and a coconut-based eyeshadow primer.

On the skincare frontier, Korean favourite, Dr Jart+, has brought out a whole new line focusing on tiger grass, also known as cica, to heal and soothe agitated skin.

There’s a lot to toss your coins at, so here are some of our favourite new makeup and skincare products to help you in the decision-making process.