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Rihanna announces launch date for her makeup line, Fenty Beauty

Everything Rihanna touches becomes infused with hype. Her numerous collaborations with sportswear giant, Puma, and her latest jewellery designs for Chopard have all managed to capture the attention and wallets of many, but it doesn’t stop there.

It’s not just what Rihanna endorses, but how she looks that many crave to emulate. The starlet has an inimitable sense of style, gathering headlines for both her fashion on the streets, and the bold visions she dons on the red carpet. There are many people who look to her as an icon. With her makeup line, Fenty Beauty, hitting the market this year, the masses are one step closer to attaining something else with a Rihanna stamp.

The announcement of Fenty Beauty’s launch was followed by shadowy teasers on the singer’s Instagram, where she’d tag certain #makeupoftheday shots with the Fenty Beauty account. No one knows what’s going into the coming collection, but there is an official release date now (finally): 8 September 2017. It’ll be stocked by Sephora and Harvey Nichols in the US. We have it on good word that it’ll come to Singapore by year-end too.

In anticipation, we look to 8 of Rihanna’s most attention-grabbing makeup looks to date. Here’s hoping these will tide you over until the actual Fenty Beauty drop.


In the music video for Wild Thoughts, the singer redefined a sultry smokey eye with bold turquoise eyeshadow and a matte red lip. Cue the infinite amount of copycat tutorials on Youtube.


While many remember Rihanna baring it all under a Swarovski crystal dress at the CDFA Awards in 2014, her deep black smokey eye ought to be remembered for its blended excellence.


At her very first Diamond Ball, Rihanna paired a muted eye look with dark, glittery burgundy gloss. This was in 2014, way before holographic or metallic lips took off.


The Guo Pei cape Rihanna wore at the Met Gala 2015 was a meme-inspiring marvel, but her makeup also carried the year’s “China: Through The Looking Glass” theme by featuring kabuki-esque straight eyebrows. Attention to detail always makes her a winner.


As a promotional image for her latest album, Anti, Rihanna flaunted bantu knots, bold arched brows and a matte dark lip. It’s pared down, but a combination of the three and some fierce contouring made this a statement look.


It’s not all dark smokey eyes and bold lips with Rihanna. Here’s her flaunting a bright fuschia lip in 2015, which sparked many an article touting the retro colour’s return for the season.


Rihanna was the one standout amidst this year’s dismal Met Gala looks. The star took monochromatic makeup to a different, artistic plane, toying with textures and various pink hues to add dimension.


Rihanna takes a fresh-faced approach on the red carpet, donning a wash of her signature salted caramel-hued eyeshadow, dewy skin, a shimmery bronzer and nude lipstick. This is a look you can translate to your everyday makeup.

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